All-New Volvo Xc60 T8 Phev Priced From $52,900

New Volvo Xc60 T8
by Jeff Dunham - 18 May 2017

Volvo Car USA has released pricing for the highly anticipated all-new 2018 Volvo XC60. The mid-sized luxury SUV will be available with a T5 turbocharged gas engine producing 250 horsepower with all-wheel drive; a T6 turbo and supercharged gas engine producing 316 horsepower with all-wheel drive and a T8 Twin...

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Motor Sports

Mercedes-AMG Project One Show Car Unveiled


The Mercedes-AMG Project ONE is celebrating its world première at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show: for the first time, the two-seater supersports show car brings the very latest and efficient, fully-fledged Formula 1 hybrid technology from the race track to the road almost par for par to represent the highlight of AMG’s 50th anniversary. The overall responsibility for the realisation of Project...

Auto Reviews

The Ford Mustang Gets a Nice Fuel-Economy Bump For 2018

2018 Ford Mustang

Ford engineers deserve some recognition, because in the 2018 Mustang they’ve managed to improve engine outputs while also nudging EPA fuel-economy ratings upward. With each iteration of this pony, it’s as tough a task as, well, getting a lasso around a wild horse. Credit grille shutters and a new 10-speed automatic transmission—plus some additional aerodynamic refinement—for helping to make...

Auto Parts

The Alcraft GT Is A British Dream Team’s Ambitious Electric Shooting Brake

The Alcraft GT

The British love a good shoot brake, and since there isn’t an electric one on the market today, a new company came up with a concept to fill the gap as a new member of the UK’s low-volume car industry. Meet the Alcraft Motor Company. The electric startup was founded by David Alcraft, the head of a successful pharmacy company. Being a lifelong car enthusiasts, Alcraft has gathered a team...

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4 Ways To Protect Your Car’s Custom Paint Job

Indoor Car Cover

A new paint job can help ensure that your car looks and feels new, even if you’ve been driving for years. A great paint job also comes with the responsibility of protection and maintenance which falls onto the car owner. Fortunately, protecting your car is easier than you think. Here are four ways to protect your custom paint job: 1. Cover Your Car When Possible: Cold weather and rain can crack...

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Benefit of Having a Jeep Hardtop and Better Wheels

Jeep Hardtop

If you’re planning for a trip in your jeep, then the first thing you consider in your vehicles is the Hardtop and wheel grip. The second consideration can be fulfilled with method wheels which offers off-road race, rock crawler and short course wheels as well as road wheels for buggies, trucks, SUVs and Jeeps. Wading through a sea of Jeep tops? With such a lot of options, it’s easy to feel such...