All-New Volvo Xc60 T8 Phev Priced From $52,900

New Volvo Xc60 T8
by - 18 May 2017

Volvo Car USA has released pricing for the highly anticipated all-new 2018 Volvo XC60. The mid-sized luxury SUV will be available with a T5 turbocharged gas engine producing 250 horsepower with all-wheel drive; a T6 turbo and supercharged gas engine producing 316 horsepower with all-wheel drive and a T8 Twin...

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The 2017 Hyundai Elantra Sport

The 2017 Hyundai Elantra

The 2017 Hyundai Elantra Sport offers plenty of value for the money, confident handling, and a smooth ride. Even in its most expensive form, the Elantra Sport is a bargain, and what you get is a compact car that’s entertaining yet refined enough to drive daily. Here are the seven key features that elevate the Elantra Sport above other Elantras and make it worth considering. A Totally Reworked...

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All-New Nissan Micra’s 1.0-Litre Engine Offers Exceptional Performance And Running Costs

New Nissan Micra

The launch range of the all-new Nissan Micra has been completed with the arrival at retailers of the eagerly anticipated 1.0-litre 71PS entry-level model. While it’s the last of three launch engines to go on sale, it will play a vital role in the Micra success story. It is expected to account for approximately 20% of sales. Offering an excellent balance of performance and running costs, the three-cylinder...

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More Power! Your Car Needs These Awesome Upgrades!

Cosworth V6

We all love our cars. No matter what it is, you almost certainly have an extremely strong connection to your car simply because of what it means to you. It could be a symbol of independence; it could allow you to see friends and family, it could simply be the thing that you need to get to work every day. But even those of us who really love our cars often wonder if it isn’t possible to get...

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Four ways to baby-proof your car

baby-proof your car

Many parents worry about the safety of their child in the backseat, anxiously checking over their shoulder that nothing’s wrong, no straps have come loose and no liquid has spilt all over them. There are a few ways that you can help to minimise risk though, so that every car journey will be a less stressful one. Here are just a few…   Safety first   When it comes to safety, the best...

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Revamping Your Campervan for Summer Adventures

Revamping Your Campervan for Summer Adventures

One of the many benefits to having a campervan is the ability to take off on some exciting adventures throughout the summer months and still have everything you need in one place. After a few months spent enjoying the comforts of your campervan throughout your many adventures, the interiors of your campervan can become slightly worn and begin to look a little bit dull. With summer, finally only a...