Incredible $12 Million Ferrari Collection Up For Auction

by Marco Rubio - 9 December 2015

Ferraris come up for auction all the time, but in Scottsdale next month Gooding & Company will be auctioning off an entire collection of Maranello’s finest projected to fetch around $12 million. The collection belongs to one Tony Shooshani, described as “a widely published and renowned Ferrari...

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Motor Sports

Ferrari California T Gets Sharper Edge With Handling Speciale Package


It’s been about two years since Ferrari updated the California to T-spec with a 3.9-liter, flat-plane crank, twin-turbocharged engine, and we found it to be a suitable change – rewarding to drive, and compelling to experience. Now Ferrari has introduced a new handling option, which will debut at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show in March, which should add a sharper edge to the roadster. Like...

Auto Reviews

We Take The New Jaguar XF For A Spin


Jaguar have long been associated with luxury and sophisticated driving. With the XF, Jaguar have taken that legacy to the next level. Not only is the saloon elegant and sophisticated, it’s also as ferocious as a sports car. The Jaguar XF is the perfect meeting point between classic car making, and modern styling. Jaguar certainly haven’t forgotten their roots, but they’re embracing the future...

Auto Parts

Everything You Need to Know About Your Car’s Tyres

Car tyre

The tyres of your car are one of its most important components. You can’t drive safely without having good tyres. So, here’s everything you need to know about looking after them. Wheel Alignment The alignment of your wheels is important for many different reasons. But the most important reason is safety. When your wheels are not aligned correctly, this can often compromise the car’s safety...

Auto blog

Buying A SEAT? Ask These Questions First

seat ibiza

When it comes to purchasing a new car, every driver needs to feel 100% happy with their decision. One of the first major choices is finding a manufacturer that you can trust. After 65 years of service, SEAT has built a reputation for being one of Europe’s most reputable brands. The Spanish manufacturer has served millions of motorists throughout Europe. It continues to put smiles on customers...

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How To Drive A Better Car Without Breaking The Bank

new car

We all love our cars. But our vehicles are more than just a symbol of style. For millions, they are also a crucial asset for our daily lives. Whether it’s commuting to work or doing the school run, we need reliability and comfort. As a result, we all deserve an upgrade from time to time. After all, there’s nothing quite as demoralising as driving a motor that has run its due course. Besides,...