The Hyundai Ioniq Is The Cheapest Plug-In Hybrid You Can Buy

Hyundai Ioniq
by Jeff Dunham - 2 January 2018

Hyundai has priced its electrified Ioniq models competitively to do battle with green-car mainstays like the Toyota Prius and the Chevrolet Volt, and the plug-in hybrid version that’s joining the lineup for 2018 is no exception. Starting at $25,835, the 2018 Ioniq plug-in hybrid costs just $2750 more...

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Motor Sports

The McLaren 570GT Sport Pack Is Basically A 570S With A Trunk

McLaren 570GT Sport

McLaren has revealed a “Sport Pack” for its 570GT mid-engine supercar, giving buyers the option to add a stiffer suspension, quicker steering, Pirelli P Zero Corza tires, updated stability control settings, and new damper software. In other words, the 570GT Sport Pack is basically a 570S with some luggage space. In case you need a reminder, the 570GT is angled as the grand touring,...

Auto Reviews

Garmin’s New Infotainment System Will Navigate You Around Bad Weather

Garmin Bad Weather System

Garmin is showing off a new infotainment system at CES with features aimed to make both drivers’ and passengers’ lives simpler and more connected. The prototype (shown above) is in a Volvo, but the company is expected to make it available across the auto industry. Called a scalable infotainment platform, the new system operates using an Intel Atom quad-core X7 or Intel Atom dual-core X5 processor,...

Auto Parts

How Porsche Builds The 911


Porsche cranks out more than 30,000 911s per year, but the car is still largely hand assembled. The Smithsonian Channel got an inside look at Porsche’s Zuffenhausen factory to show exactly what goes into making the world’s most famous sports car. It plays a bit like a long commercial, but it still provides fascinating insight into how the 911 is made. The production process of the current...

Auto blog

Tips for driving safely in winter

driving safely in winter

Driving safely is a must all year round, but of all times, it’s incredibly important to drive with the utmost care and attention during the Winter. The combination of long, dark nights and adverse weather conditions make a journey potentially more dangerous. On average 190 people die on Ireland’s roads every year. This number becomes more shocking when we hear that roughly 15% of Irish drivers...

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A Sweet, Sweet Drive Down Memory Lane: The Art of Going Vintage

vintage cars

Too many car enthusiasts nowadays cling to the idea that “newer is better.” This has been the mantra ever since it became possible for concept cars to hit the markets in just a few years after being unveiled. Tesla vehicles, for instance, have become prevalent in numerous European countries, and people didn’t initially expect electric vehicles to catch on so quickly! The point is, people are...