SKODA Grows 4.2% in First Half of 2015; Last Year’s High Sales Figures Achieved in June

Skoda Superb 2015
by Marco Rubio - 14 July 2015

ŠKODA has recorded sustained growth throughout the first half of the year. Between January and June, deliveries to customers around the world increased 4.2% to 544,300 vehicles (first half of 2014: 522,500). This is once again a new sales record for the Czech car manufacturer in the first half of the year....

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Lexus IS Sport Sedan Gets Revved Up In 2016 With Three Available Engines

Lexus IS Sport Sedan 2016

The Lexus IS luxury sport sedan models will continue to delight drivers with their balance of luxury, agility and sportiness as they enter 2016 model year with a three model strategy with IS 200t, IS 300 AWD, and IS 350. The former IS 250 and IS 250 AWD are discontinued. The IS adds to its stable of engines and receives a turbocharged gas engine, bringing the number of engine alternatives to three. ...

Auto Reviews

The Coolest BIG American Cars On The Road

HUMMER H3T Concept

In the world of motoring, there are fast cars. The super-charged sports models designed for one thing: sheer ferocity. Then there are economical cars. These are designed to sip their fuel slowly and provide safety for the whole family. And then there are the BIG cars. These are the vehicle that are made purely to show off the wonderful feeling of size. If you’ve ever had the privilege of sitting...

Auto Parts

Are Oil Changes Important?

change the oil

One of the first things you will hear when you begin to learn how to drive is your father repeating the words, “Check the oil.”, and remember to “change the oil.” You may have heard these words hundreds of times, but did anyone ever explain why this is so important? Oil is a very important part of the running of your vehicle as it lubricates all the parts of the engine that need a bit of...

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Buying A Used Car? Everything You Need To Know

Parking lot

There comes a time in every driver’s life where you need to scrap your car and get a new one. It is not necessarily a nice feeling. Your car has followed you through thick and thin and been with you everywhere, so getting rid of it isn’t an easy decision. But, sometimes it is the right decision. Now you have an even bigger decision to make. Do you buy old or new? Buying a used car isn’t on...

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Restoration 101: How To Revive Some Life Back Into Your Old Car Again


Do you drive around in an old car? If so, you’re probably getting nagged by your close family to “get rid of that lemon” and “buy a new car”! But if your car has served you well over the past few years, you will not want to get rid of your pride and joy. And why should you? If it still does its job, there’s no need to upgrade. Some folks also hang onto their cars because they enjoy driving...