Suzuki Brings Basket Of Forbidden Cute To Tokyo

by Marco Rubio - 5 October 2015

Suzuki looks to be celebrating its newly independent status from Volkswagen with quite a slate of debuts at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show at the end of October. While it’s often a putdown to call a car cute, the company has some models going on display that are totally adorable. Unless you...

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Motor Sports

Mercedes-AMG GT R Coming With Active Aero, Shocks, Steering

Mercedes-AMG GT R

We’ve seen the Mercedes-AMG GT, and we’ve seen the Mercedes-AMG GT S. So what comes next?According to Motor Trend, the Mercedes-AMG GT R, that’s what. Word has it that the forthcoming addition AMG’s flagship sports car range will wear a similar name to Godzilla. Of course, Nissan might have a thing or two to say about that, but considering that, as it is, the letters...

Auto Reviews

Ford’s New EcoBoost Engines Have Stop-Dtart Dtandard

Ford's New EcoBoost

Start-stop engine features: it’s not just for hybrids anymore. That fuel-saving technology continues to work its way into the conventional-powertrain field. And Ford has entered the fray, adding start-stop as standard equipment on the new Ford Escape SUV. The feature is standard on the Escape’s EcoBoost engines, which range from 1.5 liters to 2.0 liters. Start-stop is estimated...

Auto Parts

Volkswagen Rolls Out 3D Smart Glasses As Standard Equipment

Volkswagen rolls out 3D smart glasses

At Volkswagen’s Wolfsburg plant, the roll-out of 3D smart glasses as standard equipment has now started following a three-month pilot phase. Plant logistics personnel are to use these glasses for order picking. The objective is to further improve process security in production.  The benefits of 3D smart glasses are evident: users automatically receive all the information they need such as...

Auto blog

You Must Avoid These Pitfalls If You’re Buying A Secondhand Car


Buying a secondhand car can be a great choice. You can get a car that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford in good condition. But, only if you make the right decisions. You see as easy as it is to find a beautiful machine that’s second hand it’s easier still to be scammed. Here are the biggest things you will need to think about when buying a used car. Where Are You Buying It From? It’s...

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How to Be an Environmentally Friendly Motorist and Save Money

Environmentally Friendly Motorist

When we talk about environment one of the first things that comes to mind is fossil fuel and cars. There are 254 million cars registered in the US alone. It is almost one auto per person as 316 million people lives in the US (which includes children and people who cannot drive). Automobiles are important part of modern life today there is no argument about it. It is encouraging to see technological...