Toyota Indiana Adding 300 Jobs to Build More Highlanders

2014 Toyota Highlander Line-Off
by Desk of Editor - 22 August 2014

The regional economy is about to get a boost because Toyota Indiana is on the grow again.  The plant will invest $100 million and add 300 jobs by summer 2016 to boost production of the popular Highlander midsize sport utility vehicle. This expansion will bring Toyota Indiana’s overall investment to $4...

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Motor Sports

Summer’s 1000KM Race Set Be An Essential Battle In The Championship Fight

2013 International Suzuka 1000km

Round 6 of the SUPER GT, the “International Suzuka 1000km” will be held over August 30th-31st at Suzuka Circuit, Mie Prefecture. The Suzuka 1000km is a classic event which debuted in 1966 and, although discontinued for a brief period, will be held for the 43rd time this year. The tradition of firing off fireworks in conjunction with the waving of the checkered flag is a unique part of...

Auto Reviews

2014 Chevrolet Cruze

2014 Chevrolet Cruze

The Cruze Sedan is known for its elegant design and dynamic features. Now with enhanced safety and refined styling, this firm favourite has arrived at a new level of performance and driving prowess. Most significantly, the Cruze is now fitted with all new turbocharged powertrain, giving it a serious competitive edge. 2014 Chevrolet Cruze Model Lineup: Chevrolet offers the 2014 Cruze in LS, LT, Eco,...

Auto Parts

The Essential Guide To Caring For Your Car Tyres

Car Tyres

Today’s cars feature the best in tyre technology. Tyres help to stop us from having accidents. That is because they maintain good traction on the road, regardless of the weather conditions. It’s no secret that some makes of tyre are better than others. Apart from vulcanised rubber, tyres contain chemical compounds to slow the tyre ageing process. That means the tyres we buy today will still be...

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How To Get Cheap Car Insurance: A Guide For Young Drivers


Car insurance is a motoring expense that all law-abiding motorists have to pay. It’s not a fixed price, and some people pay a lot more for their car insurance than others. Young drivers have to cough up the most amount of money for their insurance, even if they are the epitome of “perfect drivers.” The story begins long before you can even drive on the road unsupervised. When you learn to...

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John Deere Updates Revolutionary Cotton Picker With CP690 In 2015

CP690 Cotton Picker

John Deere is taking the cotton industry’s most revolutionary harvesting system of the 21st century and making it even better for cotton producers. From the engine to the row unit to the cab, John Deere has updated the on-board round module building CP690 (previously known as 7760) Cotton Picker with increased power, performance and uptime. CP690 Cotton Picker The major changes for the 2015...