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Motor Sports

Aston Martin Valkyrie Could Beat That New Nurburgring Record

Aston Martin Valkyrie

During last weekend’s Austrian Formula 1 Grand Prix, Race Fans asked Red Bull F1 team principal Christian Horner about the Aston Martin Valkyrie. The question was whether the coming hypercar, a collaboration between Red Bull and title sponsor Aston Martin, could beat the stunning lap record around the Nürburgring just set by the Porsche 919 Hybrid Evo. Horner’s answer: “I’m...

Auto Reviews

2019 Dodge Durango Raids The Srt Parts Bin For Updates

2019 Dodge Durango

Fiat Chrysler will squeeze some extra excitement from the upcoming 2019 Dodge Durango, by providing some modest updates. They include giving the three-row SUV new colors and broadening the use of elements of the Durango R/T and SRT performance models, among other upgrades when it goes on sale in the fall. It’ll still be offered in five models — SXT, GT, Citadel, R/T and the SRT — with...

Auto Parts

BMW To Offer Wireless Charging Bmw 530e Iperformance


BMW i launches yet another world first in the form of a factory-fitted, fully integrated inductive charging facility for the high-voltage battery in a plug-in hybrid vehicle. BMW Wireless Charging enables electric energy from the mains supply to be transmitted to a vehicle’s high-voltage battery without any cables – when the vehicle is positioned over a base pad. This can be installed in the...

Auto blog

How Junkyards Decide What Your Junk Car is Worth


Here’s the situation: you’re the not-so-proud owner of a junk car. It’s practically driving you crazy, and you’re ready to be rid of it. You’ve finally made the decision, too: you’re going to sell it ASAP. First, you attempted to find a private buyer in your area that would pay you cash for it. That didn’t exactly go as planned, though. And, really, who can blame someone for not wanting...

More Autos

Washington D.C. Circulator Deploys Proterra Electric Buses Across Nation’s Capital


Electric bus maker Proterra announced that the Washington, D.C. Circulator system has deployed 14 battery-electric Catalyst E2 buses, which will bring clean, quiet, zero-emission transportation to more than 4,800,000 annual riders and the Circulator’s 189 drivers. This deployment is representative of a growing national movement to go electric, joining other major metropolitan cities such as Los...