Nissan Will Introduce 8 New Evs, Sell 1 Million Electrified Vehicles By 2022

by Jeff Dunham - 24 March 2018

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. today unveiled plans to launch growing numbers of electrified vehicles, expand and evolve autonomous driving systems, and accelerate vehicle connectivity as part of its Nissan M.O.V.E. to 2022 midterm plan. Among the targets, Nissan is aiming to sell 1 million electrified vehicles...

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Motor Sports

Ferrari’s First Series Production Hybrid Will Be Able to Run In Silence


Two years ago, Ferrari chairman Sergio Marchionne said the idea of the company making an electric supercar was “almost an obscene concept.” That isn’t happening yet, but speaking to Bloomberg, Marchionne said the company’s upcoming series-production hybrid will be able to run in total silence. So, you’ll soon be able to get an electric Ferrari experience. Marchionne’s...

Auto Reviews

2019 Acura Rdx Infotainment First Impressions

2019 Acura Rdx

One of the greatest design challenges in the modern automotive industry is an infotainment system that provides loads of capabilities, but is also easy-to-use and not overly distracting. Touch screens have been leading the way as the favored option, but Acura is trying a new design that relies on a touch pad with some unique tweaks to separate it from similar systems, such as those seen in competing...

Auto Parts

The Heart of Your Vehicle: What Are the Most Important Things to Know About Car Batteries?

How to spot a dying car battery

Without a car battery, starting your vehicle would be an impossible feat to accomplish. Technically speaking, you could still start it by hand like how things were done in the distant past, but one could hardly call that convenient. It’s also the unit of your car that powers the lights, the radio, and all the other electronics inside of it. As a responsible car owner, it’s a good idea to learn...

Auto blog

What to do With an Old Car

Old Car

Do you have an old car lying around? Maybe you’ve stopped relying on your car, and have opted instead for public transit, but just haven’t gotten rid of your car yet. Or maybe you’re looking to get a new car, but you can’t quite afford it yet. Whatever the reason, you have an old car, and you don’t know what to do with it. If this sounds like you, here are a few suggestions that you can...

More Autos

Washington D.C. Circulator Deploys Proterra Electric Buses Across Nation’s Capital


Electric bus maker Proterra announced that the Washington, D.C. Circulator system has deployed 14 battery-electric Catalyst E2 buses, which will bring clean, quiet, zero-emission transportation to more than 4,800,000 annual riders and the Circulator’s 189 drivers. This deployment is representative of a growing national movement to go electric, joining other major metropolitan cities such as Los...