Sun. Jul 21st, 2019
Life Saving Armour

360 Degree Protection With All In One Life Saving Armour

There is sometimes the need of the body armor in order to get the safety. For this, there is a need to see to that to the choice of right body armor that can fit with the body and the specific need. There are also made to be the stab a spike resistant while some others are made in a bulletproof way the west features step direction. Stabproof vest from Elite Armor can be necessarily bulletproof paste is the one which can offer no protection to bladed weapons. It can be seen that the west which is bullet as well as aged blade resistance fails to offer resistance from short ranged non-lethal pointed instruments like as daily household screw drivers, needles, injection syringes & so many.  So, there is a need to go with careful observation, which can work in the environment.

Protection methods can be the best

It can also go with the decision of the protection levels which can be the most suitable in order to suit all kinds of needs. They can also go with the levels of ballistic stab as well as spike protection which can be selected. If sometimes it can be seen that the area is prone to the gun crime. There is a need to go with the purchase of ballistic protection. At times there is also a need to go with the prisoners who can get the ability of the creation of news of the improvised shank or knife against it. One can choose to go with, encountered a knife attack which can also go with the consideration of the stab proof vest.

Bring the varying kind of protection

In comparison to normal other bullet proof jackets this all one in one armoured vest provides an all round all side protection from high velocity & high calibre bullets as well as pointed deadly weapons that can stab one to death. The materials used for the development of the armor is of high quality & the linen is of light weight thereby providing the highest degree of protection and stays on the body as a lightweight jacket with making it difficult for a person to act freely when equipped with the armour. The armour has a special small highly resistive plate inserted inside to protect the vital organs of the thoracic & lumbar regions. This plate resists any blunt or sharp instrument to rich to the visceral parts of the body.


This can be seen that sometimes there is a dangerous situation involving a gun in such time there is a purchase of a bulletproof vest which can be the best one in order to work with the small ammunition fire. The body armours are also sometimes bulletproof is dead as well as pike protective ones. There are different models & quality variants available of this product that can provide different degree of protection against various kinds of threats whether it might be from blunt or sharp instruments or bullets of different calibre. But more importantly get your vest altered correctly to fit to your body.