Sun. Jul 14th, 2024
Pre-owned Car

3 Things To See Before You Buy A Pre-owned Car

The second-hand car market is much larger than what most people expect. With rising costs, demanding work schedules, and an improved purchasing power, a very large section of society goes in for a second hand vehicle. Many a time, it is not just convenience or requirement that is the deciding factor. Pre-owned cars are an answer to people’s aspirations and dreams. When it is beyond budget to buy a brand new car, a pre-owned vehicle works just fine. However, a few pointers must be kept in mind at the time of making a purchase decision.

Pre-owned CarThe Engine

The obvious, yet the most primary check that must be undertaken is that of the engine. A thorough check, preferably by an expert will give you a true picture of the condition the car is in. In case an expert is not available, a simple trick would be to check the colour of the oil on the dipstick, before you ignite the engine. An extreme black indicates that the car has not been regularly serviced. The colour of the coolant is also indicative of the well-being of a car. A sparkling engine is not necessarily reflective of a well-maintained car.


It is not uncommon for sellers to tamper with the reading on an odometre. Digital odometres are easy targets to this practise. It is often done to quote a price higher than its worth. A not-so foolproof manner of verifying clocking is to see whether the appearance of the car is in line with the odometre reading. Although not definitive, it can certainly be a lead. Besides this, service records should help you identify any meddling in the readings.


It is imperative to inspect the body of the car during daylight. Corrosion or rusting can be rather detrimental to the vehicle. Be sure to check the doors, along the side walls and around the bumpers for any corrosion. An advanced corrosion will crack under pressure from even a gentle thumb impression. Water stains around windows or in the boot may be indicative of leaks, although not a rule.

These are among the lesser known facts that must be checked at the time of buying a pre-owned vehicle. Hertz Rent2Buy (R2B) takes special care to give the perfect car to a buyer. The company usually provides a prospective buyer a car for a test drive that lasts not just an hour, but 10 entire days. Freedom to get the vehicle checked by a third party is a rare luxury given out to customers.

It isn’t the end of the road to just buy a car. Buying the best car will take you there.