Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

3 Ways to Safely Carry Your Firearm in the Car

If you find yourself in a situation where you must store your gun in your vehicle, there are certain precautions you must take to keep yourself and your passengers safe. Not only do you have to consider your safety, but you also must be careful of thieves stealing your firearm.

From following your local gun laws to taking extra safety precautions, you can safely carry your firearm in your car to your shoot lessons at Outdoor Solutions or on your hunting trip upstate. Simply follow the tips below to ensure your safety.

Invest in a Gun Vault

Unfortunately, storing your firearm in your glove compartment isn’t enough security to keep it safe from theft. It’s best to invest in a gun vault specifically for your car. These vaults have secure locks and combinations to prevent theft and keep your gun safe while in your vehicle.

There are also many different sizes and types you can install in your car. Whether you want to keep your gun in reach in the console or in the trunk, you can find a gun vault that will keep your firearm safe and secure.

Abide by State Laws

When you first purchase your firearm, it’s essential to educate yourself about your state’s gun laws. Since each state has different regulations and laws, you must be aware of differing rules, especially when traveling across state lines.

It’s a good idea to refresh your knowledge every so often and review the laws to ensure you’re abiding by them while carrying your firearm in your car or on your person. The last thing you want is to be stopped by the authorities and possibly be fined or worse if you aren’t following the state and federal laws.

Avoid Unloading Your Gun in the Vehicle
It’s always a good idea to store your gun unloaded compared to loaded with just the safety on. However, while unloading your gun to store it, try not to do it inside the vehicle. This enclosed space could contribute to making mistakes and result in the gun accidentally going off.

Instead, if the area allows, it’s best to unload your gun outside of the vehicle. Again, you should review your local laws to see if this is an option, though.

If you must store your gun loaded, then it is essential to do so with the safety feature on.