Sat. Apr 13th, 2024

4 Motorcycle Safety Tips for New Riders

Riding a motorcycle can be an exciting, adventurous hobby with numerous advantages and even several benefits for your health. Although owning and riding a motorcycle can be a great thing, there is no denying that it can also be extremely dangerous. The United States Department of Transportation reports that motorcyclists are nearly 30 times more likely to experience a fatal crash compared to drivers in cars.

While the risk of danger is prevalent when making the decision to ride a motorcycle, there are a number of measures that you can take to stay safe while enjoying a ride on your bike from Get Lowered Cycles.

Some important motorcycle safety tips include:

Always Watch the Weather

Poor road conditions and low visibility as a result of inclement weather is a leading cause of motorcycle crashes each year. Before heading out on your bike, be sure to check the weather forecast. If a storm or other unpleasant weather condition is predicated, save your ride for another day.

Wear Protective Gear

While this tip should be self-explanatory, the sad truth is that a large number of cyclists do not wear proper protective gear when riding. Always make sure that you are equipped with a protective helmet that has been Department of Transportation approved, to protect your head from any injuries should you experience a crash. It is also important to wear gear such as goggles, non-slip gloves, and a thick leather jacket to protect yourself from outdoor elements and debris that you might encounter while riding.

Don’t Be Invisible

One of the leading causes of motorcycle accidents that are unrelated to weather is poor visibility. When drivers cannot see you on the roads, you put yourself at risk. When riding at night, always use your headlights, avoid drivers’ blindspots, and wear reflective clothing or add reflective patterns to your cycling gear. You should also use your hand signals when turning or switching lanes, and remain cautious when riding in front of other vehicles.

Obey Traffic Laws

Riding a motorcycle can be fun, but it is important to remain level-headed and to follow all local traffic laws while riding. Be sure to follow the local speed limit, and always slow down at red lights and stop signs. Keep an eye out for pedestrians, and remain aware of your surroundings no matter where you are riding.