Sat. Apr 13th, 2024
Jaguar XJ Supersport

4 Reasons Why Your Next Car Purchase Should Be A Used Motor

A car is one of the biggest financial commitments that any driver ever makes. Other than a property, it is probably one of our most expensive assets. At a time where finance is more important than ever, it’s imperative that you get the decision right.

Jaguar XJ Supersport

There are many factors to consider when it comes to purchasing a new motor. One of the most pressing issues is whether to buy new or used. We wouldn’t suggest purchasing a 20-year-old car without a service history. Nonetheless, opting for a nearly new option does make great sense.

More and more people are turning their attentions to the used car market. Here are just some of the reasons why.

More Options

As a driver, it’s essential that you find a car to reflect your personality and individual preferences. Choosing between hatchback and saloon; red or blue; automatic or manual are all important factors. The used car market will provide far more options than the used one, which makes it the far better solution.

Naturally, a used car costs less than a new one. Therefore, your budget is open to a much wider selection of models. Having more options can only increase your chances of finding the perfect drive for you. A dedicated auto dealership should help you find it.

Getting the perfect car for your individual needs is the most important aspect of any vehicle purchase. It’s no surprise that so many people are heading down the road of used motors.

Less Depreciation

Like it or not, money is a key element of your decision. Lower prices aren’t the only benefit of buying a used car, though. The fact is that they will retain their value at a much better rate too.

New cars depreciate significantly as soon as you’ve left the forecourt. You may see your asset’s resale value fall by thousands in just a few seconds. Assuming that you’ll probably want to upgrade the car to a new model in a few years’ time, this isn’t an ideal situation.

A used car will lose value less quickly, especially if you choose a model known for retaining its price. Moreover, clever negotiations could save you a decent chunk of money too. If you pay less, the amount of depreciation will naturally be less telling. Now that has to be good value for money.

Feel Like New

The one major bonus of buying a new car is that you’ll feel amazing as you drive off the forecourt. We won’t lie; nothing beats that feeling. However, it won’t take long for those feelings to fade.

You’ve got to ask yourself whether that fortnight of fun was really worth the extra money. Just think, you could’ve bought a one-year-old motor for a significantly lower value. In most cases, the answer is no. Besides, you can always upgrade the secondhand vehicle with a few simple maintenance jobs.
In fact, with a little hard work, you could have the old car feeling brand new. Not only will it give you the satisfaction offered by a new motor, you’ll also get the personal satisfaction too.