Sun. Jul 14th, 2024
Indoor Car Cover

4 Ways To Protect Your Car’s Custom Paint Job

A new paint job can help ensure that your car looks and feels new, even if you’ve been driving for years. A great paint job also comes with the responsibility of protection and maintenance which falls onto the car owner. Fortunately, protecting your car is easier than you think. Here are four ways to protect your custom paint job:

Indoor Car Cover

1. Cover Your Car When Possible: Cold weather and rain can crack and corrode a new paint job quickly. Our rain isn’t exactly “clean” water which makes the rain a potential danger to car paint. The water can also seep into even the smallest paint cracks and cause corrosion. If you are leaving your car for a while, a cover is definitely worth the effort. Even dust can be dangerous as it can cause small scratches which is why a California duster is handy against both dust and sun. There are plenty of options for custom car or truck covers that can be ideal for climate in your area.

2. Park Indoors When Possible: A building can provide instant protection for your car against the elements. Whether you are parking in your personal garage or a public one, you should opt for a building over the side streets when possible.

3. Wash Often: Regular, gentle car washes can help keep your paint job looking great. Sap from trees or bird droppings can quickly corrode paint, and even cause stains.

4. Fix Fast: Even tiny cracks can lead to paint corrosion, which is why regularly inspecting your car, and promptly fixing and “issues” with the paint is crucial. A small touchup will cost much less than a new paint job and will help your keep your car looking new.
While taking care of your paint job definitely involves a bit of work, it is better and smarter to pay a bit more attention now instead of springing for a new paint job later.