Thu. May 23rd, 2024
Parking a Motorcycle

5 Tips for Parking a Motorcycle

For many bikers, most of our time and energy is spent thinking of ways to ride our motorcycles or when to buy new motorcycle parts. But what happens when it comes time to park our bike? Not all riders know the best practices for parking, which can leave them stuck when it comes time to pull out.

Parking a Motorcycle

To help you avoid this situation, here are five tips to ensure that you are a bike parking pro.

Avoid Hills

If you have ever parked your bike on a hill, you probably wound up kicking yourself when it came time to leave, right? That’s because you have to walk your bike backward, and doing so on an incline can be cumbersome and laborious. If you do have to park on an incline, make sure that you can pull out without having to reverse or maneuver out of the spot.

Use a Puck

Even if you are on paved surfaces, sometimes there may be a slope on the road that is not visible to the naked eye. You don’t want your bike to fall over, so be sure to use a puck to stabilize it. This is especially important if you park on dirt or grass. You can find these at motorcycle parts stores.

Pay Attention to Signs

In some areas, motorcycle parking is very strict. Before setting your bike up anywhere, be sure that you pay attention to any signs or notices that prohibit you from parking. You don’t want to return to find out your bike was towed.

Look Out for Gaps

When parking your bike, be sure that there are no holes or cracks. If you have cheap motorcycle tires, they may wear out unexpectedly. If you do wind up in a groove, you can rock your way out of it by pushing the bike back and forth until it’s free.

Keep it In Gear

When parking, you don’t want to have to activate your BikeMaster brakes to keep from rolling away. Keep your bike in gear so that it won’t move when you dismount or get back on.