Sat. Apr 20th, 2024
Pickup Truck

7 Great Gifts for the Pickup Truck Lovers on Your List

Let’s start with this: most people don’t just own a pickup truck. They love their pickup truck. It’s not merely an asset. It’s a part of their history and identity. If you doubt this, say something negative about their beloved vehicle and see what happens.

In light of this passion, here are 7 great gifts for the pickup truck lover on your list — or even for yourself if your budget (and perhaps your spouse) allows:

  1. Heavy Duty All Weather Floor Mats

Pickup trucks do a lot of work in all kinds of weather. Heavy duty all weather floor mats protect flooring from dirt, water, ice and debris.

  1. Windshield Cover

Nobody likes scraping snow and ice off a windshield — especially if it’s freezing outside. A windshield cover is the ideal solution, plus it keeps ice from forming on wipers.

  1. Tailgate Ladder

Climbing in and out of the back of a pickup truck can be tiring, and can be harmful for the spine, back and knees. A tailgate ladder is an inexpensive way to make loading and loading faster and safer.

  1. Console Vault

A console vault or console safe locks down valuables and keeps them from falling into the wrong hands. Look for one that safely attaches to the truck’s body, is built with durable 12-gauge steel material and fully-welded components, has concealed anti-pry hinges, has separate sections with unlocked storage and space for an included tray, and features a 3-digit personal combination with key backup.

  1. Storage Net

There are a wide variety of storage nets. Look for something durable, so that it won’t fall apart in extreme weather conditions. Some of these come with tape for installation, but whoever you give this to will probably need to screw it in for a snug, sturdy fit.

  1. Emergency Roadside Kit

Look for an emergency roadside kit that contains essentials such as a reflecting warning triangle, multi-tool unit, electrical tape, bungee cords, cable ties, work gloves, headlamp (with batteries), bandages, gauze pads, scissors, safety pins, glass breaker, safety belt cutter, jumper cable, portable air compressor, tow rope, and tire repair kit.

  1. Magnetic Phone Holder

If you’re looking for an inexpensive gift that keeps on giving, then a magnetic phone holder is the perfect choice. These clever gadgets install easily to an air vent, and can be used for hands-free calling, GPS, and so on. And because the grip is magnetic, removing a smartphone is fast and easy.

Hopefully some of these gift ideas capture your interest and fit with your budget. Happy shopping!