Tue. Mar 5th, 2024
Auxiliary Ports

Aftermarket Auto Solutions for Linking Your iPhone and Car

Many people own cars that are a few years older; they love their vehicles because the cars run great. However, when drivers compare them to the newest models, they may begin to envy features such as technology items that their cars are missing. You don’t have to be envious.

Auxiliary Ports

If you don’t own a brand-new car, you can still upgrade its technology to support your smartphone. In fact, many aftermarket auto solutions, such as the six below, exist for linking your iPhone and your car.

Auxiliary Ports

Many stereos come standard with an auxiliary plug so that you can plug in your smartphone and listen to music from iTunes Radio, Pandora, Spotify, or other music apps. However, if you have a stereo manufactured during the years between the introduction of CDs and MP3s, your stereo may be lacking this now-standard feature. With a little time, a minimal amount of money for supplies, and some simple auxiliary port installation instructions, you can add an auxiliary port to your current stereo setup.

USB Car Chargers

You’ll discover many ways to listen to your smartphone music apps even when your car does not have modern technology. But what do you do when you want a navigation system in your older car? You can easily turn your Apple iPhone 7 Plus smartphone into a navigation system, thanks to its dependable, long-lasting battery life that can hold a charge for a long period of driving.

Plug your smartphone into the USB charger associated with your stereo. Load your maps app with directions from Siri and press start. Siri will dictate your navigation directions, and you’ll hear Siri’s voice through the speaker system in your car.

Car Smartphone Mounts

One of the greatest parts about technology in new vehicles is how you can use most of your smartphone features without taking your hands off the wheel. Newer cars allow you to answer the phone, search the Web, and control your apps all while keeping your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.

You, too, can experience hands-free convenience by mounting a cell phone holder in your car. These holders come in several styles and are compatible with most smartphones. You can mount the holders on your dashboard, to your windshield or an air vent, or on your console. No matter where you choose to mount your smartphone, make sure you can see it without distracting your driving.

Activate Voice Control

Now that you’ve mounted your smartphone where you can see it while you drive, you need to be able to control it without taking your hands off the wheel. Many smartphones, including the iPhone, have voice control. As long as you have voice control activated in your settings, all you have to do is tap the home button and speak your commands. You can give commands such as “call Carrie” or “text Dylan that I am on my way home,” and your smartphone will follow your instructions.

Car Apps

Whether you have an iPhone or an Android, you’ll find hundreds of apps that you can download to make your driving experience a more high-tech one.

You can find an app such as Waze that redirects you when you’re trying to avoid heavy traffic or accidents, or apps that work with other aftermarket products such as Viper Smart Start System that remotely starts your car. Load the App Store to search for car-related apps.

Update the Stereo System

Sometimes, the best aftermarket solution is to buy and install a new stereo system. From navigation to Bluetooth hands-free calling and integrated social media apps, you can find every smartphone technology element you want from a new car in a new stereo. A large range of stereo brands exist as well as price ranges you can consider. All you have to do is choose the stereo system that is right for your vehicle and install it. You may be able to get the installation included in the sales price of the unit.

New cars have outstanding technology features, but your older car is great, too. With the help of the six aftermarket auto solutions listed above, you can make your car equally technologically savvy.