Sun. Jul 14th, 2024
baby-proof your car

Four ways to baby-proof your car

Many parents worry about the safety of their child in the backseat, anxiously checking over their shoulder that nothing’s wrong, no straps have come loose and no liquid has spilt all over them. There are a few ways that you can help to minimise risk though, so that every car journey will be a less stressful one. Here are just a few…

baby-proof your car


  • Safety first


When it comes to safety, the best car accessories you can invest in are high quality car cots, booster seats, and child locks. Car cots for babies and booster seats for toddlers come in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes, so you’re bound to find one that fits snuggly into the back of your car, and can be attached securely. You can find some handy information and size guides here. When it comes to child locks, these will disable your child from opening doors from the inside, so you won’t have to worry about them playing with levers and buttons in the back, only for them to climb out.


  • Blankets, mats and shoe organisers


The many spillages and stains that occur in your home are even easier when your child is in motion, so keeping things organised will help minimise mess. This doesn’t have to be a bunch of custom-made, expensive gadgets either; start by using an old shoe organiser and hang it on the back of the two front seats, as a place for them to easily store drinks containers, toys and other items. Use rubber mats or old cuts of carpet on the floor of the car for any mishaps, and put down machine-washable blankets over the seats to catch crumbs, spills and so on.


  • Child essentials


I’m sure whenever you’re on your way to a play group or day out you carry a kit of child essentials with you. It’s probably a bag containing everything from wet wipes and fresh nappies to toys and cartons of juice. Whatever you keep in your kit, start leaving a duplicate in your car at all times; then, if you nip out to the shops and suddenly end up in a lot of traffic or an accident, you always have spares on you. Similarly, you should always aim to have a medical emergencies kit in the boot of your car for long journeys, including blankets, water, bandages and so on.


  • Change it up


If you have more money available and are thinking of getting a better car, you could always change up your current model for something more family friendly. If you buy new, you could get certain safety features or modifications included on the vehicle, such as sun visors or tinted windows for babies who constantly face skywards. When buying a used car, look out for those cars for sale which already have those extra features.

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