Mon. Apr 15th, 2024
old car

Give Your Car The Love It Deserves

It’s just a car, right? No, it’s not just a car. It is your best friend and protector. It gets you from A to B. It allows you to do your job. It never interferes. It just waits there for you to come back. Obediently it coughs into life and gets you home again, safely, in one piece, nice and dry.

old car

And how do you treat it? You leave it outside in all weathers and probably only service it when you have to, or even worse, when it breaks down. This has to stop! Your poor car puts up with a lot and asks for so little in return. Go on, share some love and give it a treat or two. It will thank you in many ways. It will be more reliable and economical. It will be safer. It will look after you better and make you more money when you come to sell it.

Get your car serviced

This is not about the things that go wrong. This is about the day to day things that every car needs to keep it running smoothly and well. All cars get clogged up. All cars wear out. Oil needs changing; water needs adding. Screenwash need replacing. Fluids need checking. If you are not the sort of person who does this, then pay someone else to do it.

Book your car in for a basic service every six months at least. If you are not sure who to use then talk to your car dealership. They will have the right diagnostic tools for your car. So if you run a VW then talk to Volkswagen Servicing. If your car is going to needs parts, they will have to come from there anyway. Go to the horse’s mouth. A good service will give you back a car you barely recognise. It will be smoother, quieter and more reliable. They will also tell you what is going to need replacing in the future and then you will have the option of spreading those costs.

Clean it

It’s not much to ask is it? A bucket of water and a chamois leather. Or with the plethora of hand car washes that have sprung up on every garage forecourt, it will cost you five pounds and you don’t have to do anything. Except feel rather smug as you drive away your nice shiny car that runs like a dream. And everyone knows that clean cars run better.

Have its tyres checked and changed.

It’s not a part of the service, and as your life sort of depends on these, it makes sense to get your tyres checked. If they need replacing, look around for the best deals. Online tyre services are a competitive bet.

Once they have been on for a few months, get them rotated to even out any wear. And just as a final thought, everyone should know what their tyre pressures should be and how to put air in. It’s free. And so is love.