Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

Handy Tips for Surviving Your MOT

Is your vehicle due for its MOT soon? An MOT is a compulsory annual test for exhaust and emissions that is necessary of all vehicles over three years old in the UK. It stands for Ministry of Transport Test and during this test a number of important factors are tested including tyres, windscreen wipers, direction indicators, braking systems, rear wheel bearings and much more. You will not be allowed to drive your vehicle on the road if the MOT has expired. You can be prosecuted if you are caught driving a car without a valid MOT – unless you have already booked an MOT and you are driving your vehicle to the test centre.


If your vehicle fails the MOT test it can be re-tested within the end of 10 working days in order to gain a pass. If it remains at the test station for repair after it fails the test, it can have a free partial re-test after 10 working days. There are some smaller fixes, such as the boot lid, the seat belts, the wipers and washers and mirrors, in which case the vehicle can be taken away and then brought back to the same test station and retested before the end of the next working day.

So how can you ensure that this mandatory vehicle inspection goes as smoothly as possible? If your MOT is coming up soon, here are some helpful tips that will help you to pass it:

  • Did you know that your local councils can conduct your MOT? They will not do repairs, so they will not have a vested interest in failing you in the hope that you will spend money.
  • Make sure that you get a test in the month before your car’s current certificate ends, so that the new one will expire exactly a year from the end date of the original. If you get it tested more than a month before the MOT is due, it will expire a year later – which means that you lose out.
  • A company can only charge up to the official maximum price when conducting MOTs. Many companies will provide cheaper tests, but the most you should pay is £54.85 for cars or motor caravans or £29.65 for motorbikes.
  • Before you take your car in you should do a DIY MOT of all of the common avoidable failing points. So many MOTs fail for simple and avoidable reasons, so sorting any small issues before the test will usually be much cheaper.
  • For example, one in every five MOTs fail due to a burnt out light bulb. You should walk around the car to check the indicators and headlights before you take it in. It will be much cheaper to spot the issue now and replace the bulb for only a few pounds.
  • If there are chips of over 10mm in the line of sight of the driver or chips of over 40 mm in the area that is swept by the wipers this will result in a fail. If you can, get any small stone chips repaired as soon as possible.
  • Your wipers and washer jets should be secure and able to clean the entire windscreen. Lift them up and check the rubber for any splits or damage.
  • Don’t forget to test your horn! Make sure that someone outside of the vehicle can hear it, including other motorists.
  • Look for car service and MOT deals online so that you can spot the best deals in your area.
  • Look up where your tyre pressure should be and have your tyres filled up at a petrol station. Also, check the depth of the groove on your tyre treads.
  • Check your brake fluid, oil reserves and windscreen washer.
  • Make sure that the mirrors are in good condition and the seatbelts are working correctly. The seat belts should all latch and fasten securely and they should not be frayed or cut.
  • If you have not run your car for a while or you only use it for short journeys, you should take it on a longer trip. By sustaining a higher engine speed for a longer amount of time this will allow you to clear out deposits in the engine before the MOT tests your emissions.

These are just a few tips to keep in mind that will help you to pass your MOT. The test might seem like a pain, but it is very important for your safety and it will ensure that your car is operating properly. Be prepared and take good care of your vehicle and your MOT will be a breeze – especially if you find a cheap deal from a website like