Mon. Apr 15th, 2024
New Car in 2019

How to Get The Best Deal on a New Car in 2019

Buying a new car is always a hard decision and it may take a while to make up your mind once you have the money. Now, it really depends for what you need the car for, whether it’s for your family, for yourself to drive towards the sunset or a genuine workhorse to carry equipment around.

No matter for what you need the car, here are some tips to strike the best deal on a car.

Shopping at the Right Time

Once you have the money, you should consider when it’s the best time to get a new car. Usually, new models come out in the late spring and car expos are already giving some cars for some incredible prices. So, with this being said, shopping for a brand new car in September or October will be the greatest tip. Car dealers are looking to get rid of old cars to make room for other models. But in order to get the best price, you will need to go to the dealer and literally stalk the prices and models you like.

Go Online  

Shopping online for a car is not as simple as buying something from Amazon. It takes more than a month of research and a couple of websites consulted. But in order to strike a nice deal, you will need to follow these steps. Once you picked a car, first talk with the seller, go and see the car, maybe give it a spin around the block. Once you did that, consult a dealer about the car and what price he has to offer. Then you can establish if the online seller has a better price than the dealership and prices will differ.

Be Well Informed

If you are going to speak with a dealer, show him that you mean business. Tell him exactly what you are looking for and ask many questions. He will get the perfect idea of what you need and what will suit you.

When meeting with the dealer, try to become the dealer yourself. The best way to do this is by searching online on how dealers buy the car and resell them and at what price. Some dealers tend to overprice a car to get a profit. Once the dealer knows that the car is overpriced, you can make way for a bargain. For example, let’s assume that you are going for a brand new 2019 Lincoln Navigator and you know the market price, but the dealer is selling the car for more than it should be. Let him know that.

Treat the Dealer with Respect

If the car dealer is overpricing the car or just talking nonsense, treat him with respect, otherwise, you may lose a great deal for your future car. He might just be able to put you in contact with another salesman, although this is rare. But you will never know. You can go through several dealers until you find the perfect car that fits your needs and your bank account.

With these being said, the conclusion is simple and straight forward. Having the knowledge and knowing your limits of the bargain will land you the car you always dreamt of.