Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

Modern Vehicle Features We Couldn’t Live Without

Living in the modern age, many of us have been spoiled by the advancements of current technology. Smartphones allow us all the information in the world with the touch of a button, minimally invasive surgeries—like the kind at—have people in and out of their operations on the same day, and our cars have become more convenient than ever. Cars have become so convenient, in fact, that many people wouldn’t be able to live without a majority of their features, such as the following:

Backup Camera

Where would we be without backup cams? Sure, you can always use your mirrors and look over your shoulder, but you’ll never be completely certain that you won’t hit the curb, tab the car behind you while parallel parking, or run over that skateboard that was left in your driveway. With the cars of the future, you’ll never have to worry about it again.

Blind-Spot Monitor

When you’re driving in a city, it can be stressful to switch lanes with heavy traffic, especially if someone is in your blind spot. Now with blind-spot monitoring, you won’t have to worry about accidentally cutting someone off or dinging your car when switching lanes.

Automatic Headlights

You’ll definitely notice if you try to drive at night without turning your lights on, but sometimes people forget to do so when it’s raining out. Automatic headlights do exactly what you’d think: turn on automatically. You won’t have to think about switching them on and forgetting to turn them off and draining your battery ever again!

Navigation System

When’s the last time you used a paper map? Exactly. Even with apps on your phone, you have to worry about your phone dying or risk getting into accidents when checking it constantly, but with an internal navigation system, you’ll have an easy route to anywhere you might hope to go.

Warming Technology

Gone are the days of needing to blast the heat in your car during cold winter mornings in the hopes that the ice on your windshield will thaw out enough to scrape it off. Many modern vehicles have windshield heating to melt ice fast, as well as heated steering wheels and seats to keep you nice and warm while you wait.

Remote Start

Hate messing with keys? No problem. Lots of cars these days use remote starting so that you can start your car from the comfort of your home. You can use this to begin warming your car up in the winter or to save yourself time. Combine this with easy “start” buttons, and big bulky keys are virtually a thing of the past.


People that are still relying on cheap AUX cords to hook up their phone audio are living in the past. Built-in Bluetooth makes connecting your phone seamless for answering calls, listing to directions, and jamming out to your favorite tunes while on the road.

A Life of Luxury

Without these modern vehicle features, many of us would be lost behind the wheel. People went many decades without a lot of these luxury features, but after being spoiled with our cars as of late, having them taken away would certainly cause some uproar—so it’s a good thing they aren’t going anywhere.