Mon. Jun 17th, 2024
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Ready Your Car For Winter With Our Awesome Advice

Winter is already here so if you haven’t’ started preparing your vehicle for the coldest months of the year, it’s time to get started. There’s still time because the snow hasn’t started to fall just yet, though that doesn’t mean it isn’t on it’s way. It’s important to prepare your car for winter because it keeps it and you safe when the roads are more treacherous. This could be to help you deal with a breakdown in freezing conditions or giving you more grip on an icy road. So, what can you do to get your car ready for winter?

the driving snow

Get It Checked Out

Our first suggestion is that you get your car checked out now by a professional. It’s a good idea to get your car checked at the start of winter. That way if there are any issues they can be fixed before they affect you. For instance, you may find that your tyre brake pads are wearing a little thin. You don’t want to discover that in the middle of winter on an icy road, that’s for sure. Or, you have a serious problem with your engine. It’s better to fix it now than to end up at the side of the road in a snowstorm.

Change Your Tyres

It’s not a bad idea to change your tyres in preparation for winter. Winter tyres will give you more grip on slippery roads. This will make it safer to drive and also allow you to get into work even on the iciest of days. We know, changing the car tyres can be a bother and a large expense. But, if you check out you’ll find that the tyres can be changed at your house when you want for a reasonable price. You can keep the old tyres and refit them in the spring. It’s a particularly good idea to do this is you own a rear wheel drive car. You’ll find those can be a nightmare to drive in icy conditions with ordinary tyres.

Stock Up Your Car

There are a few items we suggest you have packed in your car during the winter. First it’s a good idea to carry some food and hot drinks in the trunk of your car. If your car does get stuck at the side of the road, you have no idea how long you’ll be there. It could be hours and for that reason, we also suggest you put some blankets in the back as well. You should, of course, be carrying around a canister of de-icer. In the winter, you will commonly find your Windows ice over even while you’re driving your car. You can avoid this by facing the air con systems at the windscreen.

Keep it Sheltered

Lastly, in the winter it’s important that you use your garage for what it was designed for. Through the year, most of us will use our garage in a variety of different ways. Some will use it as an extra storage space. Others will set it up as a game room and for many it will just be a massive dustbin. But, in the winter, we do recommend you keep your car inside. That way, you’ll avoid the damage that thick ice can do to a vehicle. Check out, for some great tips on how to empty your garage and make some cash!