Mon. Apr 15th, 2024
E90 BMW 3 Series

The E90 BMW 3 Series: Luxurious Motoring At Bargain Prices?

Most people would love the opportunity to buy a luxury car without paying the high price premiums attached to them. Few people would relish spending money near to six-figures for a luxury car these days.

When selling a used car, people don’t like talking about the elephant in the room: depreciation. But, as a used car buyer, depreciation is your friend. Luxury cars depreciate the same as cheaper vehicles. And that’s something you can use to your advantage when you wish to upgrade.

E90 BMW 3 SeriesOne of the most popular upgrades is to a BMW car. If you’re after a luxury motoring bargain, I recommend you consider the 3 Series in its E90 guise. But why BMW? After all; there are plenty of other marques like Mercedes-Benz and Porsche.

I recommend the E90 BMW 3 Series for the following reasons:

They are cheap to buy

There used to be a time where the 3 Series was the cheapest in the model lineup. These days, the 1 Series takes its place. But, because the 3 Series is the flagship range for BMW, there are plenty of used car bargains to be had!

The E90 shape was in production between 2004 and 2012. There are eight years of models on the market. And, because of that fact, you won’t have any trouble paying four-figure sums for a piece of motoring luxury.

The last ever M3 models got produced in this generation

If you’d prefer to get behind the wheel of a high-performance BMW 3 Series, you’re in luck because there is the iconic M3 model! It marks something of a milestone for BMW enthusiasts everywhere. That’s because the last ever M3 models got made in this generation.

The next generation 3 Series models no longer feature three-door coupes and cabriolets. The German car maker moved those models to the new 4 Series.

There are body styles to suit all needs

One advantage of the fifth generation BMW 3 Series over its newer successors is there are body styles to suit everyone’s needs.

You can choose from saloons, coupes, estates and convertibles. It doesn’t matter whether you favour contours over practicality or vice-versa. There’s a model for everyone.

The model codes for the different styles are as follows:

  • E90 – saloon;
  • E91 – touring (i.e. estate);
  • E92 – coupe;
  • E93 – coupe cabriolet.

They are award-winning cars

One fact that BMW enthusiasts Big Motoring World are keen to point out is the E90 style 3 Series cars won a plethora of awards over the years!

For example, in 2006 it won the World Car of the Year title! In 2005 to 2006, it got named Japan’s Car of the Year for imported vehicles. And the UK car magazine “What Car?” awarded it Car of the Year.

The list of awards is quite long for the E90-shape BMW 3 Series. In fact, I could spend a long time listing all of them on this blog post! But you get the idea from the three examples above.