Thu. Feb 2nd, 2023
Disaster Survival

The Ultimate Disaster Survival Kit You Need For Your Car

The technology used in today’s modern cars means that you are less likely to break down and get stranded on the side of the road. But despite that, some cars do break down. They might do so for something as simple as running out of gas.

Disaster Survival

On other occasions, the cause of the problem could be something more complex. If our cars break down, the obvious thing to do will be to call a tow truck and get rescued. But what happens if you are travelling to a remote part of the country?

Help could be hours, if not days away. If you travel to the outer reaches of the country, I recommend that you take a disaster survival kit with you. But what is one of those, I hear you ask? Keep reading this blog post and you will find out what yours should have!

Emergency rations

Do you travel to remote parts of the country on a regular basis? If so, it is important you take with you some emergency rations in case you get stuck somewhere.

I recommend taking with you a bottle of water and some snacks like granola bars. You might also want to consider taking some tinned food with you – and a tin opener, of course! It might be a while before help gets to you, so at least you won’t go hungry while you’re waiting!

Battery pack

Even if your car is well-maintained, there might be times where you need a power boost to start your car. For example, you might have left your headlights on overnight. Or there might be something draining your car’s battery that you don’t know about.

A battery pack is like having a set of jump leads and a spare battery all in one. You can use it to provide extra power to your car so that you can start it and drive off. And you can also use it to power domestic items like cell phone chargers.

Satellite phone

If you’re driving to the middle of nowhere, there is no chance of getting a cell phone signal in the area. How would you call someone in an emergency when there is nothing but wilderness around you?

That’s where a satellite phone comes in handy. You can use these handy gadgets anywhere around the world. And, as the name suggests, it uses satellites to make and receive calls. You can buy specific handsets that work with satellites. Or gadgets that work with smartphones like the Apple iPhone.

LED flashlight and batteries

Sometimes your car might break down but you have an idea of how you can fix it again. But if you’re miles away from the nearest town, what can you do?

To peer into the depths of your engine bay under the hood, you need a good quality flashlight. Pack a LED flashlight and some spare batteries – you never know when they will come in handy!

What would you put in your car disaster survival kit? Let us now!