Sat. Apr 13th, 2024
Comfortable Driving Shoes

Tips for Finding Cheap and Comfortable Driving Shoes

The wind brushes against your cheek as you edge closer to your destination. You wave as you pass your fellow drivers, pedestrians, and traffic monitors. You are feeling at ease, comfortable, and ready for wherever  your car takes you.

When all the elements work in your favor, driving is an euphoric experience. Being comfortable while you drive is the most important element to having a successful long drive. You need the proper foot attire.

Comfortable Driving Shoes

Whether you drive a motorcycle, SUV, sports car, or even a racing car, shoes determine the tranquility of your drive.

You want to wear a lightweight shoe, one that pushes on the pedal without straining or weighing down your foot. You also want your shoes to have enough room for you to wiggle your toes throughout them. A very narrow shoe can become uncomfortable and distract from the automatic nature of driving.

Firm soles and good padding are also must-haves for picking driving shoes. They help the shoe’s durability and provide maximum comfort.  Overall, you want a driving shoe with sturdy construction to weather long hours of driving.

You also want a shoe that allows you to have a firm grip on the pedals. Sandals and dress shoes are not a good option when choosing driving shoes, because they don’t allow for a firm grip on the pedal. Dress shoes are also uncomfortable when worn for extended hours.

Generally, Nike shoes are a safe bet when it comes to picking the right driving shoes. They’re durable, loose-fitting, and lightweight. Converse or Chuck Taylor’s are also highly recommended driving shoes, especially for the ease of using them to grip the pedal.

Moccasins loafers and Adidas’ Samba shoes are also durable and comfy driving shoes.

After you find the perfect pair, look for discounted versions at most major shoe stores and outlets, such as Famous Footwear and Zappos. Also check major retail stores, such as Kenneth Cole and Macy’s.

Make sure you check Groupon coupons section for savings and coupons at stores such as Kenneth Cole, which can be pricey but the coupons make them more affordable.

Now that you found the right shoe, it’s time to hit the road! Now your ride can be profound and cozy.