Mon. Jun 17th, 2024
Avoid Car Accidents

Tips for Safe Driving So as To Avoid Car Accidents

Majority of accidents can be avoided with precautionary measures. When you sit behind the steering wheel, safety has to be your first concern.

Car accidents can turn out to be expensive to the drivers, passengers, vehicles, and environment. Waiting in the traffic because of some accident significantly burns fuel and increases overall emissions output due to brief acceleration and quick braking is frustrating.

Use this post, to learn how to avoid possible car accidents and drive safely.

Tips to follow while driving to avoid car accidents 

Good posture is crucial to maintain control of the car. Best possible position helps you reach the floor pedals and steering wheel easily during evasive maneuver. 

Each mirror [rear view & side] needs to be adjusted properly for getting good vision of the road and traffic behind you.

Driver’s one hand position has to be at 3 O’clock and other at 9 O’clock for better coordination and swift response, during emergency. No one desires to get caught in emergency situation with single hand on wheel.

Driver with vision issues need to put on their contacts or glasses while driving. You passed eye-test and got your license but you still need glasses to see the surroundings and road clearly.

Lookout always for pets, children, bikers or joggers because they can appear suddenly.

Cars can possibly experience worn brakes, blown tires, broken windshield wiper, and more causing an accident. To avoid such shocking situations regularly get your car serviced.

Monitor the traffic flow in front to expect any changes. It helps to stay alert of some emerging emergency.

Keep track of the vehicles that move around you because it can help you detect hazardous driver, so you can drive at a safe distance.

Every car will experience a single blind spot due to minor vehicle designing mistakes. It blocks your vision, so before switching lanes or making a turn make sure to turn your head and see if the road is clear.

While making turns at the intersection look on both sides for oncoming vehicles. Even look for pedestrians, who may suddenly appear.

Accidents occur because driver’s push their car beyond limit therefore it is wise to know your ability to maneuver your car safely and your vehicles stopping capabilities during an emergency.

Majority of highway car collision happen in fast lane, so avoid this lane. Drive in the right or center lanes, which offer available escape routes in case emergency situation arises.

Never follow a vehicle too closely because you will not get sufficient time to make an emergency maneuver. Minimum 3 second lead is recommended between two vehicles and during bad weather make sure to follow 5 seconds behind the front vehicle.

Poor climatic conditions like snow, fog, ice, and rain are hazardous even for a good driver or in any kind of vehicle.

Nighttime driving is also dangerous because it is hard to see clearly, many drivers are tired and the chances of meeting drunk driver are more.

Excessive speed can dampen your response time, thus escalating the possibility of collision.

Even if you are in a hurry never accelerate the moment green light flashes because there are many other drivers, so lookout for them.

While behind wheels avoid distractions or texting. Avoid things that can hinder your concentration while driving even for a second. If your kids are fighting then pull over and handle the situation.

When you are tired avoid driving because drowsiness can hinder your vigilance and create grave issues.

Research has revealed that when drivers are angry they drive aggressively, which increases the possibility of car accident. Whenever your emotions are imbalanced avoid driving as it can obstruct your judgment.