Thu. Feb 2nd, 2023

Using The Web To Buy A Car: Don’t Get Taken For A Ride

The internet can be an outstanding resource. When looking for a new vehicle, it is a really invaluable resource which can assist you in a huge number of ways. But it’s important to understand how many websites work if you’re going to effectively use it. You need to know which information to trust and which to disregard.


When you’re after a new car, you spend a lot of time researching. And rightly so, as a car is nearly always an important milestone purchase for you. You want to get the best deal you can for your money, and you also want to avoid being scammed if you’re in the market for a used motor. You inevitably spend a lot of time reading around online. But it can be hard to know what to think, especially when you come across conflicting opinions.

We’ve been there too. So we’ve put together a short and snappy list of ways to use to internet to the best effect when you’re looking to buy a new car. Here you are:

Trust Users More Than Sites

Try to find websites that rely on user-generated content. This means discussion boards and websites with extensive comments sections. Users are more likely to have opinions and criticisms which are relevant to you. They are immune from the pull of advertising for the most part, and users are also more likely to be honest with you. If you direct a question to a user and to an advertiser, you are probably going to receive a useful answer from the user.

Be careful though, as you will always find at least one user that detests the car you’re thinking of buying. User generated content will always represent the full spectrum of public opinion. So you’re never going to find a unanimous consensus that points you towards one superior product.

Put In The Legwork

This means looking in a lot of places. Don’t trust one site, no matter how official and definitive it may appear. One site may have a skewed opinion of certain car. But if you check many sites and try to discern what common and uncommon opinions they hold then you’re more likely to find something that will be useful to you as a buyer.

Check for your brand and make all over the internet. Try Citroen at Carcogroup for the best deal, and look up some opinions on the brand by bloggers like myself.

Don’t Be Naive

Don’t be tricked by the marketing spiel. Advertisers are getting more and more sneaky, and they’re very aware of the reputations that they are cultivating for themselves. Don’t be fooled by their tricks, and make sure you ask around amongst friends and family. The internet is eternally useful, but asking people that you know and trust will set your mind to rest.

Don’t be naive about time pressure either. Sales and deals will come and go, but once you’ve bought a car it’s yours for a while. If you need to take another extra week to research the car, don’t be fooled into thinking the price will go up. Even if it does, what goes up must come down.