Tue. Mar 5th, 2024
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What Makes A Car A Luxury Ride?

There’s a lot of talk about luxury vehicles. A premium price will usually buy you the title of a vehicle in the category. But there is no real definitive description of what a premium, luxury vehicle is. Instead, the name seems to be just a way for companies to get more money out of you.

vintage vehicle

But if you are willing to take the time to research what actually constitutes a luxury vehicle, then you are certain to save money and find exactly what you’re looking for. Naturally, a premium is put on brand and model reputation. When you buy a Ferrari or a BMW you are getting more than the components and characteristics that make up the car. You are buying into the brand image and lifestyle perception. But this does not necessarily add to the hands-on experience of driving the car. If you take a step back and think logically about what constitutes a luxury ride, you may be able to get that luxury ride feel without paying through the nose. You may not end up getting a vehicle that participates in the branded reputation of the most luxury cars. But you will pay less, and get more for your money.

Here are a two key considerations for when you’re willing to pay that little bit extra for a luxury vehicle. These are the categories that you usually end up paying through the roof for, but if you understand how they work you’re sure to get a luxury car for less.


Performance is an obvious one, but be careful. Don’t be tricked into spending money on a car because it can accelerate at a massive rate beyond 100 mph. Will you ever really use that function? You can get more bang for your buck by spending the cash on performance factors that will affect your everyday use of the vehicle. How smooth of a ride will it give you on country lanes? What is it like to drive if you are starting and stopping a lot? Luxury is a term relative to your needs, so don’t be tricked into thinking it’s an absolute. Try test driving a vehicle on lease from leasingoptions.uk to see how it will integrate into your life.


As it has become more common for technology to be integrated into vehicles, the luxury end of the market has gained a reputation for being at the forefront of developments. In built GPS and stereo systems are a fantastic flagship feature of a luxury car, and they can sometimes be worth paying for. But think about this analytically. In a few years the GPS is likely to be behind the times, while you will still be enjoying the performance of the car. If you look into buying a car that makes accommodations for external GPS and features, you will save a lot of money. You can update the tech without having to tinker with the car, which is sure to be costly. You can also play around with technology, not committing to anything unless it really suits you. A car with Bluetooth technology is a fantastic choice, as it will allow you to hook up phones, laptops and other electronic devices.