Mon. Mar 27th, 2023
Best Used Cars

Where to Find the Best Used Cars

Whether you’re looking for a used car that’s as close to new as possible or a rare classic that’s hardly been driven in years, there are plenty of places to find the ideal vehicle you’re after. There are millions of cars placed on sale every year; many will be very similar, which can make the search for the one you want quite a headache. Sifting through thousands of listings isn’t fun, especially if you end up with a poor quality car in the end anyway, so use these sources for the best results.

Best Used Cars

Online Listings 

It is important to do some research and have a good idea of what kind of vehicle you require before searching for a used car. This will save a lot of time and effort. Online used car listings allow you to browse thousands of quality vehiclesfrom the comfort of your own home and prior research makes this process quicker.

Most websites have plenty of options to help narrow your search, such as choosing from petrol or diesel engines, the car’s age, location, mileage, even its colour and many more. There is no pressure from salespeople, you can take as long as you need and easily compare against others to get the best possible deal.


If you already own a car then using a car dealer is good as you may be able to part-exchange your existing vehicle. Independent and franchise dealers are also more open to negotiating than online sellers and at certain times of the year will have particular cars they need to offload for a lot less to hit sales targets. However, their stock is limited and if it’s a specific car you’re after they may not have it. Depending where you live your local dealer may not be that big or they could be a fair distance away, so travel costs should be considered.

Alternative Sources

For the more adventurous driversgoing to a car auction is one way to secure a great deal on a used car. It can be risky, so check the legitimacy of the auction beforehand to ensure all vehicles come with a maintenance report. If you are looking for something a bit unusual – a classic for example, whether one that’s been restored or a long term restoration job then the internet is the place to search.  If you know exactly what you are after, that makes the search easier but you could be buying from a private individual or a dealer.  In such a case you really will need to do some research to make sure that the price being asked is a fair one given the condition of the car.