Sat. Apr 20th, 2024
Volkswagen Polos

Why There Are So Many Volkswagen Polos On The Roads

If you’ve ever taken the time to look at what cars there are on our roads you’ll notice that the VW Polo is certainly a common sight. This really shouldn’t come as a surprise though, their popularity stems primarily from the fact they are a fantastic little car, but this simple description really doesn’t do them justice. So what exactly makes them so sought-after?

Volkswagen Polos

Volkswagen Brand

A significant selling point is the fact they come with the prestigious VW branding. This German make are celebrated around the world for creating precision-engineered cars which are durable, reliable and above all brilliant to drive. Whether you opt for the Polo hatchback or sedan body, you can rest safe in the knowledge you’ve got yourself a well-made machine either way.

Choice of Engines

You’d be mistaken for assuming that as a smaller car the Polo’s engine is only on the more modest side. The current generation comes in a choice of sizes, from the frugal 1.2L petrol up to 1.6L turbocharged diesel. Also for an even faster drive you can select the 1.8L Polo GTI that will go from 0-60 in under 7 seconds.

Fantastic Performance

The combination of a smaller chassis and one of the gutsier engines means you’ve got a surprisingly nippy car on your hands, which still handles like a dream. But if you’ve gone for the more economical option you’ll be pleased to know that whether you’re city driving or doing long distances, you’ll have a comfortable ride with secure and responsive steering.

Lots of Conveniences

The tech you get really depends on the age. In new and recent models you’ll find all the conveniences you’d expect like air con, electric controls and DAB sound-systems. Be on the lookout for other features like cruise control and Smartphone pairing facilities too.


Best of all, is the fact that they are on the more affordable side in terms of price. If you look into the markets, from online retailers like OrangeWheels for instance, you can find some great deals on Polos both new and used. When it comes to making savings in the long term though, the BlueGT are great with up to 60mpg and low road tax. A final added bonus comes thanks to their popularity, as they’re less likely to depreciate in value as quickly, which is good news should you want to sell it on.

Practical, reliable, affordable and stylish, this car really is perfect for almost anyone. So why not join the thousands of others who’ve invested in a VW Polo and purchase yours now?