Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

You Must Avoid These Pitfalls If You’re Buying A Secondhand Car

Buying a secondhand car can be a great choice. You can get a car that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford in good condition. But, only if you make the right decisions. You see as easy as it is to find a beautiful machine that’s second hand it’s easier still to be scammed. Here are the biggest things you will need to think about when buying a used car.


Where Are You Buying It From?

It’s important to think about this decision carefully. The best place to buy a second-hand car is probably still from a dealer or a reputable trader. We wouldn’t suggest you think about buying a second-hand car online, particularly off a site like Ebay. You will find cars for sale on this type of site. But you won’t have much legal security if you do commit to a purchase. If a seller can show they were not advertising themselves as an expert on cars, you won’t have any legs to stand on. Essentially, it will be a case of good money gone down the drain. If you buy from a dealer, you can be assured that they will be honest about what they’re selling. Although the car could still be a dud.

How Old Is The Car?

You’ll also need to consider the age of the car that you’re buying. Older cars are different compared to new models, and this may sound quite obvious. After all, the advances in technology alone will make them completely different machines. What we mean though is that older cars are going to have problems new cars don’t. For instance, you might find an old car doesn’t have the latest safety features and is more dangerous to drive on the road today. As well as this, you could find that it has more needs than a new machine. For example, older cars need air con regassed every 1-2 years. These issues shouldn’t necessarily put you off buying an older car. But you should be aware.  

What Is Car Flipping?

Car flipping is the process of buying an old car that is only a little more than scrap metal. The buyer then fixes it up and sells it on for a far higher price than they bought it. It can be profitable, but car buyers need to be wary of car flippers. While not all car flippers are out to sell dud machines, some have no knowledge of how to fix up a car properly. Instead, they make it look the part and ensure it lasts for a couple of months before it starts showing problems. At which point the car is your problem, not theirs.

Car Scams

Similarly, you should be aware of tricks that sellers use to get a bad second-hand car off their hands. This could be hiding the fact that a car has been in a few crashes. You should always make sure you have an accurate history of a car you’re buying and check the MOT on government records. There are ways to do this online.

That said a second-hand car could still be a brilliant buying option. You just need to avoid these pitfalls, and you’ll be in for a smooth ride.