Sat. Apr 13th, 2024
2019 BMW M5

2019 BMW M5 Competition Edition Gets More Power, Many Little Tweaks

It’s becoming clear that buying a BMW M model will not get you the ultimate performance variant of the base car. Instead, just wait a bit for the BMW M Competition models, the latest of which is the BMW M5 Competition Edition. This M5 takes the previously most-powerful M5, the normal one, and tops it off with an extra 17 horsepower, and a slightly broader torque peak.

2019 BMW M5

Power isn’t the only upgrade to the M5 Competition Edition. It gets a number of unique chassis tweaks. The engine mounts are stiffer, as is the rear sway bar and the front springs. The car sits lower than a normal M5, and it gets more camber up front right out of the gate.

You’ll be able to spot a Competition Edition M5 thanks to a few minor design changes, which all seem to consist of black accents. The grille surrounds, badging, mirrors, door handles and fender vents are all painted black. The window surrounds get a dark black metallic finish, as do the tips on the retuned exhaust system. Unique 20-inch lightweight alloy wheels also help distinguish the special model, and the inside gets seatbelts with M color stripes.

Despite the Competition Edition being roughly the ultimate M5, it still has a couple of options. The M Driver’s Package lets the car hit a top speed of 189 mph, and carbon ceramic brakes are another option.

The M5 Competition Edition will be priced at $110,995, which includes the $995 destination charge. That’s compared to current pricing for the normal M5 at $103,595.