Mon. Jun 17th, 2024
the Fiat 500X Black

Debut Of The Fiat 500X “Black Tie” Show Car

Fiat 500X “Black Tie”, an alluring show car based on Fiat’s new crossover, explores a new dimension of the 500, in which style, substance and quintessential Italian design characterise a comfortable, high-performance car which is always connected to the world: this is the X side of beauty, this is the spirit of Fiat 500X.

the Fiat 500X Black

The car was customised by the experts of Garage Italia Customs, Lapo Elkann’s latest project dedicated to auto enthusiasts who want to own a unique product. Coming from an array of different creative backgrounds, all professionals on the team are automobile craftsmen who work entirely by hand. The underlying idea of the show car is to provide an unlimited choice of style solutions to make distinctively tailored custom products capable of perfectly expressing the customer’s expectations and personality.

On the outside, Fiat 500X “Black Tie” sports an innovative “wrap-paintjob which combines chrome-plated film and traditional paint. The end result is an elegant herringbone effect set off by varnished solid wood roof rails and handles.

The exclusive treatment is picked up inside by clever one-of-a-kind crafted details, like the seamless black denim roof and upper pillar linings. Other superb touches are the cashmere sun visors with black leather edging and the flawless matte black painted handles and ceiling light. The lower pillar lining, kick plate and non-slip floor mats of the front and rear doors are made of black Alcantara with dark stitching.

The seats are covered with denim on the outside and British-style cashmere on the inside with black leather edging and ice-colour stitching. The cashmere pattern on the seats carries over the herringbone effect of the exterior to convey a uniform style throughout.

The entire dashboard, panel structure and tunnel are also covered in black Alcantara, while the panel inserts are half cashmere and half denim with ice-colour stitching. The inner door moulding, central console, dashboard accents and the entire luggage cover panel are made of solid wood and nod to the style suggested on the outside.