Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

Here Is The Cadillac Xt6 Three-Row Suv’s Interior

The Cadillac XT6 has once again been spotted by one of our spy photographers. Though the outside is still as buttoned-up as ever, our photographer managed to get close enough to see the completely uncovered interior. On the surface it looks more like the interior of the CT6 than the latest Cadillac model, the XT4, which is rather surprising.

Specifically, the dashboard layout is nearly identical to the CT6’s. It’s a wide, sweeping dash, and the mid-section is dominated by a broad piece of trim that appears to be carbon fiber in this model. It likely can be replaced by wood, leather or a variety of other trims. The top part of the center stack is dominated by a large touchscreen with touch buttons surrounding it for driver’s aids. Directly underneath are subdued air vents followed by the climate controls.

That being said, there are XT4-inspired elements in the XT6’s interior. Most prominent is the scroll wheel down in the center console. We suspect the infotainment system will be effectively identical, so the wheel will similarly serve as a redundant means of controlling the infotainment system along with the touchscreen, voice commands and wheel controls. The shifter also seems to be the same as the XT4’s.

The XT6 exterior doesn’t really reveal anything new. It still looks angular, and it still looks long enough to have a third row of seats. The introduction of this model will certainly give Cadillac a much more rounded lineup of crossovers from small to large, something the brand sorely needs.