Sun. Jul 14th, 2024
McLaren P1

Lanzante’s Latest McLaren P1 is A Longtail GT

For 2017, McLaren (and classic racing car) specialist Lanzante Motorsport took the 986 horsepower P1 GTR, and shed 132 lbs. off its weight by removing the air jacks, replacing its exhaust headers and catalytic convertor pipes with Inconel pieces, and putting in even lighter seats, as well as plastic windows and titanium bolts and fixings.

McLaren P1

The resulting road-legal monster had 40 percent more downforce than a P1 GTR, and went on to break the Nürburgring record after having ran up the hill at Goodwood faster than anybody could last year.

In fact, the car was so impressive that it even received the Queens award, which is something you can get if your business “excels at international trade, innovation or sustainable development.”

Lanzante said it will build 5+1 of the P1 LMs, four of which were supposed to be orange. But a year has passed, the wild McLaren Senna is out, and thanks to a customer from the Middle East, Lanzante is ready to step up its P1 game with the brand new P1 GT Longtail.

Not much is known about this car so far except that it seems to be painted Silverstone Green just like the F1 GT prototype 56XPGT, but we don’t need to wait too long to learn more, as it will debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in a week or so. The longer body is a given, which should grant it even more downforce than what the LM has, and rumor has it that Lanzante will be willing to build two more units to match the F1 GT’s production figure.