Mon. Jun 24th, 2024
The New e-Golf

VW Is To Produce The New e-Golf In Dresden As Well As Wolfsburg

The Volkswagen brand is converting the Transparent Factory in Dresden into a production facility again. From April 2017, In future, the new e-Golf is to be produced at the facility in Dresden, Saxony, in addition to the main Golf plant in Wolfsburg.

The New e-Golf

Volkswagen will be investing more than €20 million in the development of the Transparent Factory into a “Centre of Future Mobility”. In addition, Volkswagen Sachsen and Dresden recently agreed on a comprehensive partnership to foster e-mobility and digitalization which is to make Dresden a model city for sustainable, integrated urban mobility.

Production in Dresden is to resume at the beginning of April 2017– initially in single-shift operation. Furthermore, customers will be able to take delivery of all the electrified models of the Volkswagen brand – the e-up!, the e-Golf, the Golf GTE and the Passat aGTE – in Dresden in addition to the Autostadt in Wolfsburg.

One year ago, the Transparent Factory was converted into a “showcase for e-mobility and digitalization” for visitors and customers. More than 40 exhibits and vehicles currently give a glimpse of the future of mobility in an interactive, entertaining way. Since then, over 75,000 people have visited the facility and more than 1,800 potential customers have taken the opportunity for a test drive with electric vehicles.

Two weeks ago, Volkswagen Sachsen and Dresden, the Saxon capital, signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement. This states that Dresden is to become a model city for e-mobility, digitalization and innovative fleet management. Specific points covered by the agreement include the comprehensive expansion of charging infrastructure, the changeover of the entire municipal fleet to electric vehicles, innovative car sharing projects and the development of a business incubator for start-ups in the field of mobility services.