Sat. Apr 13th, 2024
Winnebago Camper Van

Winnebago’s New Sprinter-Based Camper Van Swaps Generator For Battery Pack

Salt Lake City is currently hosting RVX: The RV Experience for dealers, where Winnebago is displaying a new camper van and several updated models and trailers.

The new van is called the Boldt. It’s billed as a four-season coach based on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, and features a 3.0-liter V6 Diesel engine, plus the MBUX infotainment system and safety technologies like blind spot monitoring, active brake assist, rain sensor and high-beam LED assist. It also uses rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and inverter, known as the Pure3 Advanced Energy System, to deliver 11,600 watt-hours of power in place of a diesel generator, plus a solar panel charger.

Inside is a Flex Bed System that lets users convert the bedroom or living area space into twin beds or a single queen-size bed, and the dinette into a single sleeper, using a new metal slat system. It’s available in two floor plans.

“The Boldt perfectly balances between sophistication and practicality,” product manager Russ Garfin said in a statement. “Our latest introduction to the B-van lineup is a quiet, comfortable camper van that can thrive in nearly any environment.”

Winnebago is also showing a redesigned version of the View, its slightly larger Class C camper that is also based on a Sprinter, with the same safety technologies as the Boldt but adding lane-keeping assist and adaptive cruise control. It’s fitted with Winnebago’s all-new SuperShell Sleeper Deck, sleeps four and is available in three layouts. The View comes with a 3,600-watt Cummins LP generator, two deep-cycle Group 31 RV batteries, a 2,000-watt inverter and two 100-watt solar panels to charge the batteries, with a plug for an additional portable solar panel. You can also upgrade to an off-grid package that includes lithium-ion batteries and a 3,200-watt Cummins diesel generator.

Winnebago also won the Sustainability Award from the RV Industry Association for its unnamed battery-electric zero-emissions specialty vehicle. It’s available on the company’s Class A 33- and 38-foot models, is based on a Ford F-53-based EPIC chassis made by Motiv Power Systems, and features a sodium-nickel battery that gives it a range of 85 to 125 miles. It’s envisioned for use by mobile medical units, mobile imaging vehicles, mobile preschools, bookmobiles and other services.