Sun. Jul 14th, 2024
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5 Coolest Customizations Available for Ford Cars

As we move into an era of “cool” when it comes to vehicles and their design, customization is a feature that is only getting increasingly popular, across the board. With new cars on the market boasting a range of innovative new features, the opportunities to cater to unique tastes and styles are more expansive than ever before.

With the realization that people are looking to really make their cars an extension of their own personal tastes, customization reaches far beyond colour and cliché tailfins. Here are 5 of the coolest customizations available for Ford cars.

Aftermarket Steering Wheel

To up your front seat game, aftermarket steering wheels are all the rage. With completely customized looks available, add some personality to your car with finishes in wood, leather, plastic, metal, rubber or carbon fiber. Taking your car from base level to race car can be achieved in a simple steering wheel swap.

An increasing number of people are looking to switch up the steering wheel that comes with their car, in an effort to add more flair and personality. Customization enthusiasts can choose from a range of options, picking one that is reflection of their style and taste. It no longer matters too much if you choose to go high-end or mid-range for your vehicle, as customisation allows you to soup up your car in a truly unique way.

Rims / Wheels

A long-known design enthusiast upgrade are rims and wheels. Car lovers have infused their unique personalities into their cars by swapping out the base rims and wheels. The most dramatic way to improve your car, a change in rims and wheels can take your car from basic to wow. With many people choosing to go larger, bolder and shinier with aftermarket rims, the choices are endless.

Alloy Wheel Rim

True design enthusiasts will have their fun choosing between colours, styles, offset options, and finishes. Your otherwise common car can really turn heads with a great set of rims. When looking to replace your rims, do your research and know that you don’t have to buy new. Second-hand rims can really offset your costs and look just as awesome.

Custom Paint Job

When most of us think of customization, we think colour. Car colours are a very personal choice, and some manufacturers are limited in their offerings. Roger Ward, who has been painting cars for the last 50 years, says “It’s the last thing you do to a car, but it’s the first thing people see.” This couldn’t be truer! Your Ford Mustang can really take it up a notch with a classy paint job, allowing it to stand out and identify as uniquely yours. Professionals suggest consulting with the painter prior to making your decision. As they are the artist, they can offer you an expert opinion on what colour and finish would look best with your specific car, because as we know, not all cars are made equal. The options are endless when it comes to colour that it can get truly overwhelming. The artist can help you narrow down your choices in a practiced way, and have you walking away excited and happy.

Custom Exhaust

Nothing really screams custom and sharp like a custom exhaust. Car enthusiasts will delight in the options available to them. Turning heads and giving you a bit more horsepower will be your biggest benefits, with people being able to hear you around the corner. When thinking about going custom on your exhaust though, there are range of things to keep in mind, and going mediocre isn’t worth it at all. For your exhaust, it really is go big or go home.

The layout of your exhaust is incredibly important. Your exhaust might not fit the stock channel, so it’s best to think about this prior to making a decision. What about going single or double? Single exhausts are lighter and lack the restriction of the y-pipe in a dual exhaust. However, a dual exhaust will be more expensive, requiring two mufflers and more pipe. Another decision is under-axle or over-axle. Under-axle is probably best with a dual exhaust, but some people prefer over-axle. Doing extensive research and consulting with the right people when it comes to your exhaust is necessary in ensuring your car not only looks great, but functions well.

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Custom Stereo

If you’re going to make things custom, then your stereo has to fit the bill as well. Basic stereo systems really don’t have much range at all, which is why most enthusiasts go custom. Cranking the volume on a stock stereo sounds pretty terrible, so you’ll need more bass, clarity and/or volume. The great part about custom stereos is that they look expensive, but really don’t have to break the bank. Just replacing the speakers will amp up your sound, and give you the vibes you’re looking for. If you’re in for spending a bit more, a subwoofer will take it to the next level.