Wed. May 22nd, 2024

A Guide To Upgrading Your New Volkswagen

Purchasing a completely brand new vehicle is very exciting, however, a classic used car can also be a dream come true. With a used automobile, there are certain routine maintenance parts repairs you’ll want to perform including things like changing the oil, various filters and belts, and even the spark plugs and brake pads. If you purchase a brand new vehicle, however, these routine maintenance repairs aren’t necessary. With a new vehicle, instead, you focus on upgrading parts to improve its overall performance, comfort and even style. The question is – how and where should you get started?

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Where To Get Started

A large part of upgrading and improving a new vehicle is having a place you can trust from which to buy the new auto parts you plan on replacing/upgrading. In most cases, you are going to be able to save money by purchasing the car parts online that you want to replace and upgrade. If you purchased a Volkswagen for example (or other European brand), auto parts stores such as eEuroparts have you covered with a wide range of OEM, aftermarket and performance VW parts for you to choose from. Even if you happened to get some uncommon VW automobile and you’re having a hard time finding the right VW replacement parts, they’re very helpful over the phone and happy to look around their sources for that hard-to-find replacement part you need.

Install a Turbocharger

Installing a turbocharger will improve the quality of airflow to your vehicle’s cylinders and other engine parts. This allows more air to mix with the vehicle’s fuel which is going to improve the overall engine performance of your vehicle. Now that you know why a turbocharger should be installed and how it can help your engine, you just have to figure out which turbocharger is best for your vehicle.

Volkswagen makes both production cars for the public highways and race cars for road rallies. If you bought a VW GTI, for example, upgrading the engine with a turbocharger might just unleash your inner Speed Racer.

Other Ways To Increase Engine Power

You will improve your engine’s power by 30 to 40 percent just by installing a turbocharger. There are, however, additional upgrades and mods you can make to other parts in order to further increase the power of the engine. First, you should upgrade the intake parts by switching to a cold air intake system. Cold air intakes are relatively easy to install and inexpensive, and thus would be worthwhile doing on your own.

cold air intake is an engine modification that benefits your automobile by doing more than just increasing engine power. It makes it easier for your engine to get cooled air by reducing air temperature while increasing air flow at the same time.

In our Volkswagen GTI racecar, keeping the clean, cool air flowing is vital to keeping the engine running at its high-end. You’ll want to make sure other parts in your VW GTI get replaced regularly such as the hoses and filters for oil and air. Otherwise, everybody on the road will be passing you because your engine overheated; which can be extra embarrassing when the other guy is driving a MoPed.

The last part to consider upgrading to increase engine power is the brain of the vehicle – the computer. Aftermarket performance chips, power programmers, and other performance-based software upgrades allow a vehicle to break away from the boring factory settings and unleash its inner beast. These electronic parts such as chips, modules, and software changes can do everything from improving horsepower and torque to improving fuel efficiency. In some ways, your vehicle is like a video game with these chips and modules. You plug these electronic parts into the vehicle’s computer and you get to play with the vehicle in a new way.

Keeping with our rally racing analogy, fine-tuning gear ratios, engine RPMs and the like are all very important when you’re trying to get your GTI into and out of that upcoming turn before the other guy. Feed that inner Speed Racer.

Don’t Forget the Exterior

While you’re making all sorts of parts modifications and upgrades to improve your automobile’s performance and comfort, just stop and actually take a look at all the exterior parts of your vehicle. Does the exterior – especially the paint job – of the vehicle match the “feel” you are trying to give with all of these upgrades? If not, a custom paint job with new bold colors or a body kit can really compliment all of the performance upgrades you made. Something as simple as some racing stripes can even change the way people see your vehicle.

Imagine your rally car painted just like that famous Volkswagen Beetle road racer, Herbie the Love Bug.

The only real limit a person has to worry about when it comes to upgrading and improving their new vehicle is their budget. As long as you have money to spend, there will always be another part or system you can upgrade to improve the overall comfort and/or performance.