Sat. May 18th, 2024
coil overs

Do you think twice before buying the coil overs of your need?

In many vehicles the so-called coilover suspensions are installed. The word means “excessive spring props”.The adjustments that can be performed on Coilover suspensions are various and depend on models but generally can change the height, compression, rebound, etc.

The essence of the coilover suspensions is found in that the springs of the same are mounted externally to the hydraulic shock absorber. With this, this suspension is easily adjustable and very compact, also allowing a greater angle of inclination.

How a coilover works

Most of you do not drive million dollar supercars and most cars are not designed for high-speed driving at all costs. Therefore, in almost all the cars you drive, it is likely that your handling can be improved in exchange for a harder trip, and of course, a little money. And it is also likely that some adjustment capacity may be included, which is generally not true for factory systems.

For the wheel to move up in a coilover configuration, both the spring and the discharge must be compressed. The spring supports all the weight while the shock absorber dampens any spring bounce.

The advantages of coilover

Manipulation and the ability to adjust are the great advantages of coilover. It is difficult to change the skeleton configuration of a car without getting rid of everything else about the suspension, but a well-designed coilover configuration can allow for changes in driving characteristics without negatively affecting everything else.

Performance dampeners

Some companies manufacture performance aftermarket shock absorbers used in combination with common springs or with aftermarket coil springs. Unlike coilover, many performance shock absorber kits do not offer body height customization. But like coilover kits, most performance buffers include adjustment buttons to customize shock absorption and rebound effects.

What is it?

Coilover is a type of car suspension that incorporates a coil spring mounted on top of a shock absorber. While the two suspension options offer the same handling improvements and aggressive downward stance for your car, full coilover kits offer greater adaptability. While all suspension designs that feature a shock-resistant coil spring technically could be called coilover, the term commonly refers to the aftermarket spring and to struts that offer full height and shock adjustment to the struts, which are generally not adjustable.

Downhill springs

To lower the height of the body of your vehicle without adjustable coilover, use reduction springs together with performance dampers. The drop spring kits have shorter and stiffer springs compared to common units. The shorter construction of the spring allows the suspension of the vehicle to lower, which reduces the height of the body. The only possible difference is that the type of lowering spring installed determines the reduction in height and is not adaptable.