Wed. May 22nd, 2024
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Four useful and worthwhile accessories for the interior of your car

If you consider yourself a car person to, at least a minimal degree, the thought of buying, installing or customising car accessories likely has crossed your mind. There is an abundance of things to choose from, however and you might be wondering what to look for. Beginning with cheap and everyday things you’d find in your local Walmart or Target, ending with exclusive, continental or hand-made goodies from across the Pond or anywhere else in the world, you can seemingly have it all. Interested in what’s out there to improve the interior of your car? Let us show you a few thingies that might be worth your while!

A mobile coffee-maker

No need to stop at the diner or wait in line behind thirsty freelancers in a Starbucks. By buying a portable coffee-maker, you can get your daily kick of caffeine while driving down the highway or during morning rush-hour traffic. It’s not that expensive too, with costs ranging from 50 to 150 bucks. If your commutes take up a lot of time or if a day without an Espresso equals a catastrophe, then the portable coffee maker is an excellent investment.

They plug into the 12V socket and prepare a steamy drink within a few minutes. They are also quite well insulated, so you can boil on the go and drink in your workstation or later during the day!

Check them out on Amazon by clicking here.

A mirror dashcam

These mirror slash dash cams have taken the market and internet by storm in the past year. With more and more buyers opting for an innovative, two-in-one solution, it’s about time for you to get one as well. Add a dash of technical wizardry to the interior of your car.

Here’s a great comparison video of the most popular dash cams – It will help find the best option for you.

A personalised steering wheel or dash

Did you know that you could have your initials embroidered, sewn or printed on the cover of a steering wheel? Did you know that you could get a custom leather or wooden overlay for a worn steering wheel to make it look new? And did you know that you can revamp the look of the dashboard in your car?

Yup, there are some handy people out there called custom steering wheel manufacturers. They can entirely revamp and restore the look of any worn-out steering wheel.

You pick what you want, and they can apply a unique choice of wood and all other types materials. Worth noting is the fact that dashboards can be restored or customised in the same way. This allows so that you’ll fully customise the interior, as you wish.

The costs vary according to your personal level of extravagance, so if this product interests you, we recommend being flexible in terms of your budget.

A swivel tray

Eating in your car is difficult enough, let alone if you are in traffic. Fries fall, salt sprinkles and drinks spill due to the insufficient number of holders, trays, bins and whatever else storage that helps keep them in place. A swivel tray for a car isn’t something revolutionary, but for a sub-20 dollar purchase, it’s really a great buy. Keep your food and drinks at hand with a much lesser risk of spills and drops.