Sun. Jul 14th, 2024
The Alcraft GT

The Alcraft GT Is A British Dream Team’s Ambitious Electric Shooting Brake

The British love a good shoot brake, and since there isn’t an electric one on the market today, a new company came up with a concept to fill the gap as a new member of the UK’s low-volume car industry. Meet the Alcraft Motor Company.

The Alcraft GT

The electric startup was founded by David Alcraft, the head of a successful pharmacy company. Being a lifelong car enthusiasts, Alcraft has gathered a team of automotive executives, including Charles Morgan and Matthew Humphries, designer of the controversial Morgan Aeromax and the equally wild 2008 Morgan Life Car concept). The company also got such suppliers onboard as Continental for their safety systems, and Michelin for the tires.

Alcraft has now launched a crowdfunding initiative to put the GT on sale before the end of 2019, priced somewhere in the $185,000 region.

For that kind of money, you’re supposed to get an all-wheel drive system with three motors producing a combined 600 horsepower and 840 lb.-ft., as well as 300 miles of range and 17.6 cubic feet (500 liters) of luggage space. Unless you go for the 2+2 configuration, that is.

Most crucially, the GT’s drivetrain was developed by Silverstone-based EV experts Delta Motorsport. Their name might ring familiar as they will also supplying Ariel with a clever range-extender for their 1180 horsepower hypercar.

Whether a range-extender can become an option for Alcraft’s carbon fiber shooting brake remains an open question for now, but the startup expects its GT to rival Tesla’s performance figures either way, reaching 62mph in 3.5 seconds.

With no direct competitor in sight as far as the body style goes, all Alcraft needs to do now is build a working prototype, and then figure out how to turn it into a niche product in just two years. Talk about a walk in the park…