Sun. Jul 14th, 2024
Your engine

The Fixes That Will Keep That Truck Driving Like A Dream

Trucks are great utilitarian vehicles. The bulk and size of them make them great for reliable, safe travel, not to mention towing or just carrying loads of stuff. But truck lovers don’t just love them for their utility. They love them for their versatility. For their ability to provide power and tackle any environment. So, you want to keep that power you love. In this article, we’ll tell you how to do just that.

Your tires

The wheels on trucks are big. They’re the most important thing for keeping control, especially when off-roading. For that reason, they need a lot of love. Especially after off-roading, when they have a lot of potential to be knocked out of place. Besides checking the inflation level and rotating them to even the level of wear, you should get the wheels properly serviced every now and then. An incorrect wheel alignment or balancing is recognizable through the vibrations or directional veers you can feel while driving. They’re also dangerous, so you need them taken care of.

Your engine

Your engine

Balance is important, but so is power. Especially when you need enough of it to push a heavy vehicle uphill or get it maneuvering some tricky ground. When it comes to performance and the engine, it’s mostly about air intake. Choosing the right supercharger improves the airflow into the cylinder, providing greater ignition power at the cost of less fuel. Air intake valves can help, too. As can filters which stop impurities for causing more damage to the engine. Just make sure you’re choosing those fit to the exact car you have or you’ll see very little effect.

Your tech

Similarly, you need to make sure you’re choosing the right kind of tuner for your car. Tuners offer a whole new level of performance hacking by connecting with the car’s computer. Engine chip tuning is complicated. There are four different engines for the Ford F-150 alone, each of them with different requirements for their tuners. But if you choose the right one, it gives you access to all kinds of options. From changing the ignition timing to changing the air/fuel ratio and adding boost. Tuning your car requires a great deal of attention, so make sure you have qualified help with it.

Don’t idle

Keeping your car in great condition means being careful how you use it. One of the worst things you can do is idle your car. Particularly in winter. It’s not just inefficient, but it stresses the engine. Be as efficient with engine usage as possible. In the winter, you can make that a lot easier by using things like an engine heater if yours doesn’t already have one. These consume more electricity than you would without it, yes, but at least it’s not causing wear and tear on the engine.

From simple maintenance to fitting on the latest tech, there’s a lot you can do for your truck. Just make sure you’re taking care of it, especially after off-roading, or any gains you make will be quickly lost.