Sun. Jul 14th, 2024
standard exhaust system

The Types of Exhaust Systems

When you drive your car, combustion is one of the several processes which take place. As a result, several gases gather in your engine, which need to be removed. This is where exhaust systems play their part. An exhaust system might be one of those car parts car owners don’t generally know too much about but that doesn’t mean they are any less important. The standard exhaust system is a tube-like component which is extends from your car’s engine to the back.

standard exhaust system

There are several different types of exhaust systems for cars. You can learn about each at Carpartkings so you can choose the right one. After all, not all of them are designed for high-performance vehicles or the standard family sedan. Let’s take a look at the types of exhaust systems available on the market today:

Single Exit

By far the most widely used type of exhaust systems is the single exit one. It is the one you see extending from the back of every other car on the road. As there is just one pipe, it is cheap to purchase and install. However, this does mean it is not the most effective option in this regard.

Dual Rear Exit

The dual rear exist systems, as the name suggests, feature two pipes, one on each side of the car. They are installed under the back bumper and are more powerful and efficient than single exit ones. This is why they are preferred more by people who drive sports cars and cars with powerful engines.

Opposite Dual

From the name, the average car owner might assume opposite dual exhausts are the same as the dual rear exit ones. No, they are different in their design as they bend and as a result can wrap around the wheels of your car. They can process a heavier load of gases, making them ideal for vehicles which carry or tow heavy loads. In certain situations, opposite dual exhaust systems prove more efficient than dual rear exit exhaust systems.

High Performance

High performance exhaust systems are top of the line and generally the most expensive of all the types of exhaust systems. They are designed to be extremely efficient and as a result deliver the best performance as well. There are relatively few vehicles which come with high performance exhaust systems fitted. They are available as aftermarket upgrades. The design of the pipe is different, as it is wider, enabling it to filter the gases effectively. It can lead to a substantial improvement in engine performance.

Dual Side

Dual side exhaust systems are similar to dual rear exit systems, the difference being that the pipes are installed together instead of on opposite ends of the vehicle. In terms of performance, the dual side systems are superior and offer relatively similar results to high performance exhaust systems, except the heavy price tag.

These are the different types of exhaust systems. Select one based on the type of vehicle you have and you will enjoy superior engine performance for sure.