Mon. Apr 15th, 2024
2020 BMW M3 Interior

2020 BMW M3 Spy Shots Reveal The Performance Sedan’s Interior

We saw spy photos of the BMW M3 just last week showing the undercarriage, and now we get to see inside the next-gen performance sedan.

If you’ve seen the interior of a 2019 3 Series, then you already know the general layout. However, BMW appears to be upgrading the digital portion of the instrument cluster and making it look just like that of the M8 we saw official photos of last week.

The close-up photo of the dueling tachometers shows us the M3’s redline is sitting somewhere above 7,000 rpm, but well below 8,000 rpm. Currently, the M3 redlines at 7,500 rpm, so we’ll expect it to be in that ballpark, and maybe a couple hundred rpm lower if the photo is anything to go by. Nearly everything else on the interior is standard fare.

BMW is keeping the electronic handbrake for the M3, which isn’t a surprise. This model is an automatic transmission car, but the M3 is expected to still be offered with a manual option. As this car appears to be getting the same cluster as the M8, we’ll expect it to be carrying the same updated M Mode selector and interface, too.

One other bit we’ll point out are the gold brake calipers, signaling that this particular M3 is equipped with carbon ceramic brakes. The rest of the car can be seen up close, but it’s still wearing semi-heavy camouflage on the entire body. We expect to see the new M3 revealed in either Frankfurt this fall, or next year in Geneva.