Wed. May 22nd, 2024
2013 Audi A8

Audi A8: Is This An Understated Luxury Saloon Worth Buying?

There’s no denying that Audi has a lot of popular models in its current lineup. For example, there are the A3 hatchback and sportback models. The A4 and A6 are good cars for long journeys. And the A1 is Audi’s foray into the small city car market.

2013 Audi A8

You’ve also got sporty models such as the TT. And let’s not forget the R8, which shares its engine with some Lamborghini models. But, one Audi model you seldom hear about is the A8. From the outside, it looks like a bigger version of the A6 saloon. Except that’s where the similarity ends!

The Audi A8 is the German marque’s answer to the BMW 7-Series. As you may have guessed, it’s a luxury saloon car packed full of premium features. If you want a real alternative to the BMW, and also to certain Jaguar models, the Audi A8 is for you. Let’s find out more about what that car has to offer.

Luxury and comfort beyond compare

One of the main reasons people buy the Audi A8 is that it’s a luxurious and comfortable car. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a high-flying executive or a connoisseur of cars. Anyone that sits in the A8 will feel like they’re sat inside in a limousine. In fact, some limo companies use the car in their fleets!

At over five metres long, there is plenty of room for people sitting at the front or the back. The premium leather upholstery makes you feel like you’re sitting in a Bentley. And the double-glazed glass offers serenity and a haven from the world around you.

Some Audi A8 examples allow the front passenger seat to move all the way forward. It provides the rear passenger extra legroom and is a feature often found in cars like the Jaguar XJ. If you do buy an A8, dealers like Spire Automotive usually have examples with that feature as standard.

Plenty of power

There are several engine choices available on the Audi A8. Most models on the road have a 4.2-litre petrol or diesel engine, neither of which are sluggish. The petrol option boasts 366 bhp, while the diesel offers 345 bhp.

For those seeking ultra performance, there is the 6.3-litre W12 engine. That offers an impressive 493 brake horsepower! All engines get connected to a Tiptronic DSG automatic transmission.

Handling that will surprise and shock you

The Audi A8 isn’t a small or light vehicle by any means. People new to the model assume the car won’t handle well in certain situations. But, just wait until you take one out for a test drive!

Yes, on straight roads the car is a dream to drive. However, drive around corners at speed and you’ll notice something interesting. The car handles like a go-kart! The Audi A8 offers pin-sharp steering feedback. And the suspension setup comes with three selectable modes that the driver can choose.

Audi has gone to great lengths to ensure the A8 is a real alternative to BMW, Jaguar, and Mercedes models. Take one out for a drive today; I guarantee you’ll throw your money at the dealer to buy it!