Wed. May 22nd, 2024

How to Make Driving More Enjoyable

You just scanned a website,, trying to find a private car for your next business meeting. When you thought about how much driving you’ve been doing lately. We get it, long drives can become quite boring over time – leading anyone to get restless.

That’s why we’re offering some tips on how to make driving more enjoyable.

Let’s dive in!

Create Playlists Just for Cruising

What better way to enjoy a drive on a sunny day then with some of your favorite tunes coming through your stereo? If you find yourself always scanning through commercials, it might be time to get a Spotify account.

Streaming services, like Spotify or Apple Music, allow you to create your own playlist. With millions of songs, you’re sure to find your favorites on these streaming services. It’s also a great way to discover some new music!

Spend a little bit of time on your day off and create a few playlists that are just for commuting. You can make playlists that are upbeat if you’re wanting some good energy. Consider putting together a playlist that’s easy going, a chill playlist – if you will! Playlists catered to you will certainly make the drive more pleasurable.

Learn While You Drive

Who said you can’t do two things at once? If you’re stuck in your vehicle for a while, why not take advantage of that and learn while you’re driving along the freeway?

There are plenty of podcasts and audiobooks that are all about learning. If you want to know more about history – consider some audibles in that genre. Maybe you want to learn a foreign language. There’s plenty of foreign language lessons that you can download while you make your way to the next meeting.

Learning while you drive makes it feel a lot less like you’re wasting time. So often, people don’t like that they can’t be productive while sitting in their car for hours. Change that narrative up and make your drive a teaching lesson!

Do Some Inner Healing

Whether you’re a person who is a fan of positive affirmations or not, car rides are the perfect place to do some inner healing work. You can create your own affirmations or simply take the time to reflect on how you’re feeling.

Make your drive a practice in mindfulness. After all, we usually are driving alone, and it gives us the perfect opportunity to bring some awareness into our lives. You can consider some guided affirmation podcasts if you’re stuck on what to think about.

Keep it Clean

You want to make sure you keep your car nice and tidy. A messy or dirty car doesn’t put anyone at ease. Even if you’re not a clean freak, you should try and work to keep your car free from trash and dirt.

Creating a clean environment in your car will help to put your mind at rest. This doesn’t mean you need to spend hours cleaning it each week, just make sure to throw your coffee cup in the trash instead of the backseat. If you keep up with ensuring your car is clean, it won’t build up overtime to where it becomes so overwhelming!