Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

Inattentive Driver Leaves A Bugatti Chiron Nose Down In A Ditch

Even the most capable and experienced drivers sometimes have a lapse in concentration, like the Bugatti test driver who put this $2.5 million Chiron into a ditch at a Volkswagen test facility in Wolfsburg, Germany.


Bugatti confirmed to German publication Bild that the unfortunate accident was caused by an “inattentive” test driver. There were no injuries in the crash, though the Chiron has certainly looked better. The photo from the Facebook page shows the partially covered supermegahypercar being carried away by a tractor. The nose is busted, but the rest of the car seems to be intact.

It’s not clear what exactly caused the crash or how fast the test driver was going, but it’s likely very easy to lose control when you have 16 cylinders and four turbochargers churning out 1,500 horsepower. As a test vehicle, this particular Chiron may have been testing some new parts or settings, so the driver may not be entirely to blame. Maybe the the tester was just trying to avoid a low-flying pelican commit insurance fraud by intentionally sinking the car. At least the ditch wasn’t a lake.