Sun. Jul 14th, 2024
The Porsche 911 Carrera T

Porsche Will Build A Next-Generation 911 Carrera T

The Porsche 911 Carrera T is pitched as a purist 911 for the everyman—or at least, the everyman who can afford a $100,000-plus car. It brings some of the spirit of cars like the 911 R and GT3 Touring to the bottom end of the Carrera range, with old-school styling touches, shorter gearing and a sportier chassis setup. August Achleitner, chief engineer of the 911, is a fan of the T, so he’s bringing it back for the next-gen 911, the 992.

We caught up with Achleitner at Porsche’s Rennsport Reunion late last month. He was a bit tight-lipped on the forthcoming 992, but he gave us a few nuggets of information. When we asked him if the Carrera T would return, he said “absolutely.”

“In the last half-year, I almost only drove a Carrera T [with a] manual and I love this car,” Achletiner added. “It’s just pure. The only option I have beside the navigation system is a sunroof. Wonderful.”

In his personal garage, Achleitner keeps two PDK-equipped 911s, a GTS and a GT3, but he’s a big fan of manual transmissions and intends on keeping them around as long as possible. “I think the PDK from a technical point of view is a better solution, but it’s just fun to operate the manual,” he said.

The 992 will be based on the platform of the current, 991-generation 911, but Achleitner told me it’ll still make a substantial step forward. He said the main development goal for the 992 was “preparing the 911 for the future” while still making it feel familiar.

The 911 is in good hands with Achleitner, who’s been responsible for every iteration of the car since the early 2000s. His job before becoming 911 boss? Working on the Carrera GT. Oh, and when he’s not driving sports cars, he rides a Ducati V4 Panigale.

As for when we’ll see the 992? Achleitner didn’t say, but we think it’ll be soon.