Thu. May 23rd, 2024
Citroen C4 Cactus

The Citroën C4 Cactus: Why This Is A Car You Need To Buy!

On first reflection, you might think that the Citroen C4 Cactus looks a bit odd. OK, it is. But what makes Citroen great as a brand is it defies convention. After all; who said cars need to look a certain way? There’s nothing wrong with being a little different to everyone else?

Citroen C4 Cactus

The Cactus’s unconventional looks are actually what appeals to many motorists! This has to be one of the most interesting cars that the French car maker has ever launched! So, why am I singing the praises of this particular model? Let me explain.

Those air bumps!

Unless you have a vision impairment, you’ll find it hard to avoid the air bumps on either side of the Cactus. Did you know that they are inflatable? It took Citroen over three years to develop the now-patented technology.

Why air bumps? The answer is simple. Citroen wanted to develop a stylish yet practical way to stop minor bodywork issues. For example, they stop people whacking their doors into the side of your car and denting it. And lest we forget those ghostly supermarket trolleys. You know; the ones that wheel themselves to your car at random!

The air bumps are available in a choice of four colours. No doubt one can find a suitable colour to match any of the ten shades the car gets painted in.

The interior feels like you’re sat in your living room

Citroen’s emphasis on chic and stylish design doesn’t just end with the exterior. Sit inside a Cactus and you’ll notice one thing. It feels like you’re sitting in your living room!

Actually, it’s more like a mix of a living room and an airport. The seats are as comfortable as your sofa. And the glove box looks like a suitcase! There are plenty of those interesting design points throughout the interior. I never said that Citroen conforms to convention!

Choice of engines and transmissions

Of course, the design isn’t the only thing that persuades people to buy cars. In the engine bay, you can choose from one of six engines. This is more of a city car than something you’d use on a race track. In other words, don’t expect tremendous power.

Still, the engines are willing and able to get you going. You can also opt for an automatic transmission if you don’t fancy the six-speed manual.

It handles quite well on the road

You won’t find any funky suspension setup in the Cactus. It just has a standard spring and damper arrangement, bolted to 17-inch alloys. Still, it’s not all bad news because the car handles quite well on the road as standard.

It’s a good thing that the handling is up to par. The Cactus is 200 kg lighter than the standard C4. So, while the engines aren’t high-performance units, the weight loss on the car makes up for it.

Final thoughts

If you want a new car that offers something different to the market, the Cactus is for you. Because it’s a Citroen, you’ll know that it’s comfortable to drive and good on fuel. Go on, go out and buy one today. You know you want to!