Thu. Feb 22nd, 2024
Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S And Model X P90d Are Gone, But There’s A New Glass Roof

Tesla has quietly made a few changes to its electric lineup. The most notable difference is the discontinuation of the P90D variant for the Model S and Model X, reports Electrek. With the P90D getting axed in the both the sedan and SUV body style, the P100D models become the high-performance vehicles in the automaker’s lineup.

Tesla Model S
Tesla had phased out its vehicles with the 85-kWh battery pack earlier this year and appears to be making some room for its new 100-kWh battery. As Electrek points out, having one less model in Tesla’s lineup creates a $42,500 gap between the Model S 90D and the P100D (and a similar gap in the Model X range), which Tesla will most likely fill with non-P branded models with the 100-kWh battery pack. We expect the electric sedan to have a range somewhere between 294 and 315 miles on one charge and to complete the sprint to 60 miles per hour in less than four seconds. The same should hold true for the Model X, but with a range of roughly 270 miles.

Electrek also noticed that Tesla added a new all-glass roof option on the Model S that costs $1,500 – the same price as the old sunroof. Elon Musk recently confirmed that the automaker has its own glass division that would lend a hand at placing large pieces of glass on its vehicles. The prototype Model 3, for instance, had a massive glass roof as well. While details on the glass roof haven’t been revealed yet, Electrek believes the option should offer passengers with the same amount of protection as the $2,000 panoramic sunroof, which, according to Tesla, blocks 98 percent of UV rays and 81 percent of heat.

Lastly, the Ludicrous Speed Upgrade is now standard for both the sedan and SUV on the P100D variants, meaning anyone that shells out roughly $134,000 for one of the electric cars can experience the wonderful terror of rocketing to 60 mph in under three seconds in silence.