Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

BMW Motorrad Unveils R 12 nineT for 100th Anniversary

BMW Motorrad Unveils R 12 nineT

BMW Motorrad, the renowned German motorcycle manufacturer, has introduced its latest model, the R 12 nineT, to commemorate the company’s 100th anniversary. This roadster serves as a successor to the R nineT, which was created a decade ago in celebration of BMW Motorrad’s 90th anniversary. The R 12 nineT retains the classic design and powerful aesthetics of its predecessor while offering an array of customization options for riders.

At the core of the R 12 nineT lies BMW Motorrad’s iconic flat-twin boxer engine, known for its distinctive characteristics in design, power delivery, and sound. The model features the original 1200 boxer engine, which has been enhanced with a redesigned airbox and exhaust system to deliver a captivating riding experience. Its timeless design exhibits attention to detail, including a revamped front mudguard, a LED main headlamp complemented by a black-surround light guide element, and a pair of round instruments in a traditional style.

What sets the R 12 nineT apart is its modular concept, providing riders with maximum freedom for customization. The model incorporates a one-piece tubular space frame with a bolted-on rear frame, classic wheel guides, and a left-side exhaust system featuring double silencers and conical end pieces. BMW Motorrad plans to launch this new model in the latter half of 2023, accompanied by an exclusive range of high-quality original accessories tailored specifically for the bike.

Dr. Markus Schramm, the Head of BMW Motorrad, acknowledges the significant role played by the R nineT in establishing the Heritage experience within the company. He expresses enthusiasm for the R 12 nineT, noting its evolution with an even more classic design language, expanded customization options, and innovative technology. The model continues to build upon the successful heritage story surrounding BMW’s legendary boxer engines.

Edgar Heinrich, the Head of Design at BMW Motorrad, highlights the purist design language that dominates the R 12 nineT. With its clear tank/seat/rear line reminiscent of the traditional /5 series or the legendary R 90 S from the 1970s, the tank itself is a classic BMW boxer tank, complete with the characteristic bend in the lower edge and knee contact. Furthermore, the model features side covers in the frame triangle area, reminiscent of the authentic Roadster look from the 1970s.

As BMW Motorrad celebrates its centenary in 2023, the introduction of the R 12 nineT holds great significance. This new model builds upon the success of the R nineT and caters to motorcycle enthusiasts seeking a powerful and customizable roadster with a classic appeal. With its striking design, remarkable engineering, and heritage-inspired features, the R 12 nineT aims to captivate riders and continue BMW Motorrad’s legacy into the next century.