Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

Lamborghini’s First Hybrid Plug-in LB744

Lamborghini Hybrid Plug-in V12 HPEV LB744

Automobili Lamborghini has unveiled its first hybrid plug-in V12 High Performance Electrified Vehicle (HPEV), the LB744. This luxury sports car features a new aeronautics-inspired chassis, known as the “monofuselage”, which includes a monocoque made entirely of multi-technology carbon fiber and a front structure in Forged Composites.

Compared to the Aventador, its predecessor, the LB744 is 10% lighter and has a torsional stiffness of 40,000 Nm/°, up 25%, which makes it stand out in terms of dynamic capabilities. Lamborghini has taken steps to improve efficiency and sustainability during the manufacturing process, with a reduced energy consumption of cooling equipment and a decrease in waste materials. The roof construction retains traditional autoclave composite production, meeting high technical, aesthetic, and quality requirements.

The LB744’s rear chassis is constructed of high-strength aluminum alloys, featuring two hollow castings in the rear dome area. This reduces weight and increases rigidity while also resulting in fewer welding lines. The monofuselage design of the LB744 is a significant leap forward in driving dynamics, lightweight qualities, and torsional stiffness. It’s also the first super sports car to feature a 100% carbon fiber front structure, including the carbon fiber front cone structures for increased energy absorption.

The design concept behind the monofuselage focuses on maximum integration between components, using Forged Composites technology and the development of the monolithic rocker ring. The single-element ring-shaped component is made of CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic) and serves as the supporting structure of the car, enclosing and connecting the Forged Composites elements such as the tub, the front firewall, and A pillar.

Lamborghini’s use of carbon fiber in car production represents a new era in terms of automation, integration, and modularity. The company has introduced automated and digitalized processes into material transformation while still retaining traditional Lamborghini manufacturing in composites. Integration refers to the integration of several functions into a single component through the development of compression