Fri. Apr 19th, 2024
Lincoln Continental

Lincoln Continental With Suicide Doors Sold Out, But Lincoln Will Make More

The Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition was announced just late last year, but now we have news that it’s coming back for a second run of cars. All 80 initially planned have been allocated at this point. Lincoln wouldn’t give an exact final price, but says it’s somewhere north of $110,000. A fully-loaded Black Label car goes for a bit over $70,000, so it appears to be about a $40,000 premium for the Coach Door Edition.

We’re told that customers will be notified about their success at grabbing one in February, with shipments commencing over summer. Lincoln originally decided to build 80 of these because it’s officially called the “80th Anniversary” car. Now that there will be a second year of production, we reached out to see if Lincoln will continue to produce the same number, or switch it up.

Judging by the internet’s excitement about this expensive sedan, there’s a lot of interest in it. If you missed the reveal the first time around, you can read our full breakdown. To be succinct, it’s a normal Black Label Continental that’s been stretched by six inches and had suicide doors fitted to it. Sweet. There’s also a full flow-through center console for the two rear passengers. Lincoln contracted Cabot Coach Builders to manufacture it; the two have worked together in the past.

It’s great to see Lincoln will be building more of these flagship-type sedans for the world. One could even make the argument that every new Continental screwed together should look like this, for history’s sake.