Sat. Apr 20th, 2024
vintage cars

A Sweet, Sweet Drive Down Memory Lane: The Art of Going Vintage

Too many car enthusiasts nowadays cling to the idea that “newer is better.” This has been the mantra ever since it became possible for concept cars to hit the markets in just a few years after being unveiled. Tesla vehicles, for instance, have become prevalent in numerous European countries, and people didn’t initially expect electric vehicles to catch on so quickly!

vintage cars

The point is, people are looking towards the fact that innovation is incessant. And as long as the market for automobiles keep on wanting more and more, we can expect newer and better models to be replaced in such a short span.

But even though that were the case, vintage cars continue to enjoy massive appeal despite the fact that there is much more enthusiasm being enjoyed by the next generation of the automobile industry’s top players. Nostalgia is a difficult disease to get rid of, mostly because there’s still a part of us that lives in the past and that never (not even for a second) thinks letting go. Which brings us to the fascination that most people have towards vintage cars.

There’s always that special feeling you get whenever you see a Fox Body Mustang parked beside a more modern machine from Ford. It is that same feeling you get when you  look at an early Ferrari on display at an automobile museum. Apparently, there’s something in these ancient machines that gets us all riled up about going to a vintage store and purchasing these bad boys.

Obviously, collecting vintage cars is a huge investment, but it’s something that’s worthwhile due to several reasons. One is that vintage cars are rare, and surviving models rake in value over time. The longer you keep a vehicle, the higher its market price would be, granting that production of this type of vehicle has ceased. For sure, there exists a market for vintage cars. This market is driven mostly by filthy rich collectors that will not hesitate to shell out hefty sums of cash just to get a piece of history from as ancient as a circa 1920s wagon.

Still, once you get your hands on a vintage car, you might as well avoid the thought of selling it for whatever value it entails. When you have an eye for old things, it would be difficult to even consider giving away a car that has basically survived a great deal on the road.

Again, nostalgia is a disease. But unlike any other disease, it is one that is really difficult to take away from your system. If you can ask any collector out there why they keep on setting their eyes on ancient vehicles, they will just say things like “It’s fun” or “It gives me the ultimate high.” What they’re actually saying is that you just couldn’t begin to fathom why people are fascinated in the past.

What matters that most is that we can never really separate ourselves from things that are long gone. So, whenever you see a vintage car, you will be compelled to just take a ride through time and wonder what’s it like to be in a certain epoch.