Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

Getting Your Car Back Into Working Shape

It could be an old car, it could be a new car, it could be a borrowed car, or it could be a blue car.  It doesn’t really matter – all cars need care, and that’s the truth.

But sometimes life gets in the way, and we cannot drive, or care, for our cars as much as we would like to do.


So if you’ve got a car in need of some TLC, there might no better time to start than right now. Get your back into shape easily!

First off, it’s time to go back to school. Identify the make and model of your car and make yourself an expert on it. Get the knowledge into your brain via the internet or the owners manual (which you need to own) and become the expert. Understand how the car works and see if there is anything unique about the workings of the model. Now, if anything goes wrong, you’re the expert available and on hand and there might be no better mechanic than you! Of course, there’s nothing wrong with taking the car to the auto repair shop, and in fact – it’s a great place to start out as some serious and advanced issues can be identified and fixed up.

A great way to boost your car’s fitness in this initial stage is to change the parts on the car that are easiest to change. This includes the spark plugs, the air filter, the tyres and the engine oil. These are the parts that will need changing regularly and if this is something you’ve never change – look into it right away.

Depending on the model of your car and the money in your wallet, you could fix up your vehicle as a custom build. Not only will your car be looked at as a unique project, but every single issue can be sorted at once by specialist mechanics. From unique speaker systems to engine and tyre upgrades, if you want to do more than get your car back into shape – this might be the best option for you.

It is simple enough to keep your car in good shape when you get to that point, just take the time to step back and assess your car. Are the tyres worn? Change them! Is the engine oil dirty? Replace it!

Finally, when the time comes to store the fit and healthy car, you still need to keep it safe. Store it in a nice garage that is clean and free of grime. Make sure the tank is full of petrol and that the chassis of the car is covered. Also, make sure you start the engine every so often to keep the battery ticking over and ready for use when you need it! There’s no excuse here as you’ll be back to step one with an expensive hunk of junk if you choose to dump your car anywhere.


Get your car back into shape so you can own a vehicle you can be proud of!